Knitting Hooded Vest Free Pattern

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Knitting Hooded Vest
Size: 36/40 
You will need: yarn (63% of the 35 ', Logizster; 115 Ui50 G) — 600 g silver; D, piџy 4.5: 
Circular Spokes 45; 2 Hosiery 4. Slitsy 
Pattern 1: Embossed UZSR 
Multiple 14 +? 2 Kromozno 
Hundred. Scheme, it is given only to persons 
Rows. In the purl ranks, all 
[', EUV and limtying of the 
To start the city of Krsmsnsny and GVTEPK 
Before the RAGPORTSM, Raport constantly 
End loops After Raport and 1 crack. Constantly 1-2441 ranks, 
Pattern 2: Transverse eraser: 1st row: 
Facial loops. 2-4th series: 
Night loops. Constant barking 14th Row. 
Pattern 3: Facial surface = Facial 
Rows-facial loops, purls 
The series is an irregular loop. 
Knitting density: 17.5 g, * 27 P. = 
Backrest: Dial the spokes of 88 loops and 
Tie 1 seamy a series of plits. 
This row is considered e gassllu- 
calculations, will continue; Work 
Pattern 1. Through 38.5 cm = 104 series of St 
Start of the series close the 
Both "x Stsrmon 1 x H p., then in each 
24.1 Series 2x2 p, and 2x1 L. = 70 P, 
After 49 cm = 132 rows from the initial 
Series continue work pattern 2. 
After 1 ' cm = 30 rows at g, yen 
The pattern to close all loops while 
Average 38 L. form a neck. 
External 16 p.-Shoulders. 
Right cap with 1/2 Hood: 
To dial 60 loops and Svya. 
1 seamy A number of high- 

Continue with pattern 1. 
Pass on Levsiu edge to execute, 
As on the backrest: 51, 49 cm 
: 132 series of the initial row of the 
Pattern 2, with the Simultaneously add to the form 
Hood le Lџazs • gzu ј x 1 L., 
The field in every 10th and 12th row 8 to 1 p. 
Simultaneously through 11 cm 30 
Series from the change of pattern to close lo 
Levs-, Yiwu Edge ' B shoulder and GRA Knit hood. In these 
For the shape of the back of the head 
Through 10.5 cm 28 rows of St Line 
Closed on the left edge of 1 x 
L., paste in each 24 ' Row 5 x 
1 n 1 x 2 p. and 1 x 1 g, from • 
Three more times, to close the B x 
2 p. 14 Close through 
25 cm = Z of the shoulder line, 
Left Shelf with 1/2 Hood: 
The same as a lying goechku, but 
B. Zerkapynok Sleeves: Dial on the staples for each 
42 of the leggings and tie one of the 
The number of facial. Continue 
2. Discount pattern Simultaneous Gris 
DD for bevel Rukaza on both hundred, 
In every 10th row of the 
A number of 11 x 1 G. Sogl. Pattern 
64 Chraz 47.5 ch = 128 series from 
Start row close for slope 
Sleeves with 5th decay 1 x 3 p... Then 
E each 2-and row 2x2 L.. 17 I 1 P., 
1 x 2 p and 1 x z p. Ogtavlmasya 6 G. 
Close through 53.5 cm = 172 series from 
The beginning of the series. 
Cord: Dial on 2 hosiery Spokes 
4 LETPI tie 1 Facial, 
' Venture to move the Patty back to Yu Chacha 
LU Spokes L VNOEEI Projazat 4 Lay 
Gris the thread behind the loop- 
It is tightly tightened LT 
Repeat. Nerez 150 Si from the boss 
Close all loops. 
Assembly-Perform shoulder seams and 
Seam of the hood. Dial on the Round 
Spokes on 5ortam ticked L edge 
306 of the hinges L to be cut into 1 row 
Facial, why close the SZ loops. 
How to sew the sleeves, growl- 
Well, the tank seams and seams of sleeves, 
For all the Llankans to shout at

Goy Spokes on Nplnyu Edge 203 
Fly and Knit pattern Z. 
Do not strap 4 cm close all the Pepi and 
You'll be halfway inside. 
The cord is double-lying 
Xntsi tie knots. 

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