Short Vest Wave Patterned

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Sizes: 36, 3844, 46/48 
You will need: 0,0500/500 g Sol Degrade yarn-pigeon (1000.6 cotton. 180 m/100 g); Spokes 
Attention! The backrest and the shelves knit 
One cloth up to sleeves 
Base pattern: 1st and 54 R.: 1 Crom. 
Persons. N.), 1 H... Then Knit Lish 
P., Finish 1 "Chrome. 2: A. L 1 
Chrome. (= N. P.). 1 person.. • 3x (1 persons.. 
1 Iznј. 4 x (1 persons.. 2 scum). 3 x (1 
Persons,, 1 scum), 10 li'zh, repeating from 
3х (1 LCH, scum). 43 (1 LCH, 2 
The 3х (1 persons, 1 scum), 1 Li (W, 
1 Crom, 3rd and 7th R.: Crom. Persons. 
... Then knit Lish p... When 
This scum down, finish 1 
Izn_, 1 edge of the 4th and $ th p.: Persons. P... 
This crom. Snap 
1 Chrome. (2.11 persons.. • 3х (1 
Persons "1 scum). 4 x (1 LCH, 2 scum 
3х (1 LCH., 1 scum), 10 lish. Temperatures 
to tear from •. 1 lish, 1 Crom. Repeat with 
1st to 8th P. 
Density of knitting. Main pattern: 
16p. а21r. = 10х10sm. 
Job Description: Double thread 
Yell 174/194/214 p, and knit the FA- 
A new pattern. After 32 cm from the 
The boron edge work divided into 
Sling and shelves and all the parts knit 
Separately. First knit the backrest on 
Average p., while for 
Sleeves dial on both sides by 
12 p. and include AH in the pattern 
94,304/114 p. Through 18/20/22 cm from 
Beginning of the back of the 4th pattern) 
To cover the neck cut of the 
26/30/36. The rest of the hinges 
Lay. Then knit the right shelf- 
Ku. This to deferred 52/57/62 
P. For the sleeve dial with the Grvoi- 
Rhone 12 p.: 64/69,74 via 
1DP1/2z cm from the beginning of the shelf 
P. pattern) close on the right side 
P., the remaining 34/37VD p. 
Postpone. Left-hand Tie 
Symmetrically. Perform humeral 
Seams with a knitted seam. Ful 
Thread seams sleeves. [43 of three strands 
Twist the drawstring and stretch it 
Through long loops on the desired 

The term "no loop" 
In that case. When 
The number of loops in the Raport 
From the series to a series of 
and added to the 
The process of the 
The pattern. When 
The reading of the scheme should be 
The square (s) with the symbol 
Loop ", move the 
To perform the following 
The element (persons "of the Kid, etc.). 

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