Colorful plaid rug crochet free pattern

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Just see what a spectacular plaid! And he is bound from the simple quarters of viscous. Everything else is a play of colors. 

1. Knitting squares. 
All the drawing needs to be knitted with a weave viscous. 
You type 1 color (A) and with each row you add 1 loop each until it becomes 7. Then change the color to (B) and in the same way, increase the number of loops to 21. Then return to the color (A) and add loops up to 29 - this is the mean square. From this point, start to decrease the number of loops by 1 in a row. When you reach 23, change the color to (B), and when it becomes 9 - to (A). Reach 3 - tie them all together. Squared ready. 
2. Collecting.
Having connected the necessary ĸ number of squares, fold the picture that suits you and carefully sew them together. After assembly, the blanket must be tied up. Lift the loops over the entire example and tie a few rows of garter. Or choose any other way to work the edges. 

The number of quads required for your rug should be calculated independently. For this, it is necessary to knit one quadrat from the yarn chosen by you and, measuring its sides, to obtain the necessary figure (q-q = kvadratov = length of one side of the pod, allocated to the long side of the yarn.

And to cvyazat imenno taĸoy motiv need nabrat nado Quantity petel on storone square and knit straight, DURING this vyvyazyvayut polosy from dvux klybkov, umenshaya kol-vo loops of one sort finish available and uvelichivaya kol-vo loops drugogo Colors (in the PHOTO motiva perfectly clear and how many loops to type, and how many rows to tie up).

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