Pullover with Tenacious Sleeves

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Pullover with Tenacious Sleeves :
Size: 36/38 (40/42 in) 44/46 
You will need: 350 (400) 450 g 
Melange Terra-cotta yarn 
(100% cotton, 140 MKO g); 
Straight and circular spokes 4. 
Elastic Band: Straight and reverse p.: 
Number of loops multiple 8 + 2 chrome. 
Persons. R.: Krom., • 2... 4 Persons ", 2 Izn" 
Repeat from Krom, Izn. P.: Loops 
Knit according to the figure. Circular R.: number Loops multiple 8. Knit • 2 Izn., 4 
Persons.. 2 N., repeat from •. Main pattern: Number of loops multiple 8 
• 2 Chrome. Knit according to the scheme on which 
Listed persons. P. and partially P. b 
Unmarked. P. Loops Knit 
By drawing, repeating between chrome. 
Rapport. Link 1 time from the 3rd to the 
14th P., then repeat from the 3rd to 
14th p. 
Knitting density: 19 p, and 22 p. = 10 
X 10 cm. 
Backrest: Dial 90 (98) forehead L. and 
2.5 cm Rubber Band. Then knit 
The main pattern. After 27 cm = 50 p. 
From the GUM additionally dial 
For sleeves on both sides 12 p. 
114 (122) 130 L... Including the addition of 
In the pattern. After 43 cm 96 p. 
(45 cm p.) 47 cm 104 R. From 
Gum close for cut throat- 
28, and both sides of the 
Finish separately. For rounded 
Closed from the inner edge of the 
Each 2nd p, 1 x 2 and 1 x 1 L. 47 cm, 104 R. (49 cm; 108 R.) 51 cm 
: 112 p. From gum close with each 
The remaining 40 (44) 48 L. 
Before: Knit the same, but for more Deep Neck cut Close 
Through 41 cm 92 R. (43 cm: 96) 
45 cm = 100 p. From Gum Medium 
24 p. And then from the inner edge to the 
Each 2nd P. L x 2 and 3x1 p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams and 
Top seams of sleeves. By cutting Mountains- 
Lovins dial on circular spokes 
96 p. and knit circular p. Elastic Band 
Alanku At the height of the strap 2 cm all 
Loop close on the picture. by phase 
Sleeves dial by SV (46) 54 p. and 
To knit the strap with the rubber band, 
Start with 1 Chrome, • 4 "4 persons. 
Repeat from •. Finish 4 H... 
1 Crom. At height of laths 2 sm all 
Loops to close La drawing. Perform 
Seams of sleeves. Including the 
Sides of the planks, as well as lateral Seams. 

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