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Skirt with a pencil pattern is suitable for business style.
Skirt size: 46
Materials for knitting: 400 g of fine yarn (composition - 70% wool, 30% acrylic, thread length - 400 m per 100 g); elastic thread (spandex); Spokes 4-4.5.
Description of knitting skirts:
Skirt fit in the bottom-up direction. Before you start knitting, make a pattern of the skirt by your measurements, tie a garter stitch to determine the density of knitting. This ensures that the size of the finished product is as desired. After calculations, type the required number of loops and knit a rubber band with 2 persons, 2 sides. 2 cm. Next, go to the main pattern.
Distribute the pattern of Aran in the center, on the sides we knit a pearl pattern.
Knit skirt panels, making a decrease on the sides of the skirt according to the pattern. On the waistline, tie 8-10 cm with an elastic band 2 by 2 (alternate 2 face, 2 purl).
For a fit fit the elastic thread along the upper edge along the elastic loop.

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