Buttonless Cardigan Free Pattern

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Sizes: 36 – 40 (42-46 in) 
Data for size 42 – 46 are in 
Parentheses If you specify only one 
Number, it applies to all 
Specified dimensions, 
You will need: 350 (400) G 
Anthracite/BlackBerry (CV. 4) 
yarn [ala Grossa tenoemp (40% 
Ozbi Alpaca. Wool Merina, 
207. Moker, polyamide. 
100 mђ0 o: Straight spokes 6 and 7: 
Circular Spokes B length bo cm; 2 
Uzelkovy "Edge: 1-st P. of each 
Series Shoot Piz_ last loop 
Each row is knitted, Giz, all details 
Knit with knot edge, 
Facial surface: Faces. P, — persons. P., N. 
P,-Izn, p. 
Highlighted additions: At the beginning 
A number of Pospe Krom "at the end of the row before 
Chrome. To knit out faces. The scraper. Az. 
Density of knitting, pr. Surface, sleep- 
P, and 17 p, 
Backrest: Dial 66 (70) p. On Spokes 
Not 6. For the strap link see: 3 p. 
Persons. Surface. Starting from 1 yen. P, N. 

P. On both sides to make a mark. 
Then translate the loops on the spokes 7 
And pop the faces, smooth the surface. After 32 cm 
= 54 p, from the marks close from both 
Sides 4 L. For armholes. Pospe this in 
Each 2nd close another 2 p. and 
2 ' P. = 46 (50) L, 20 (21) cm 
= 34 (36) p. From the beginning of the loop 
Close. At the same time central 24 p, 
Mark the neck cut day. 11 
(13) p. On each side of the 
Shoulder straps. 
Left Shelf: Dial 37 (39) p. 
Spokes 6, for strap tie 1 Ch 
= 3 p, Pip, Gladi, starting from 1. 
R. AZN, N, sdesting on both sides 1 
Elevation. Then translate the loops to 
Spokes 7 and perform persons. The moat, 
For the bevel is added with the left old. 
in mind R. O: otme: Ki 1 P... For: EM in 
4th p. Add 1 P.. • In every 2nd 
P. Add 2 x 1 L. and the Next 
4th P... Repeat from • 5 times, 
By performing the highlighted additions 
57 (59) L, the Armi will pop out with the PRA. 
Side at the height of the backrest 47 
(49) p. Through 17 cm 2 28 (30) p. 
From the beginning of the Armi postpone from the left 
Side of the 33 L, for the Vrshnik. For 
Ubaziљ Neck cut with foam 
Side in the next row of the 
Those in each p. reduce 2 to P. 
Remaining 11 (13) p. Shoulder close 
On the right side at the height of the backrest. 
Right kidney: Knit 
Left-hand slot. 
Sleeves: Dial 32 (34) p. On Spokes 
N. 6. For a lath to link SM 3 p. 
Persons. Surface. Starting from the P. N. P. 
On both sides make the mark. 
Then translate the loops on the spokes 7 
and perform individuals. Surface. For bevel 
Add on both sides of the p. 
From the marks of the... Then in every 10th 
P. Add another 5 x 1 p... by performing 
Allocated add = 44 (46 in) 
P. Through 43 cm: 74 p. From the marks of the 
On both sides 2 for Okata 
Sleeves. For: EM in each 2nd p. 
Cover 1x2 P... 9х p. and 2x2 P_ 
Next row close the remaining 
Then (12) L. 
Assembly: Perform seams, on 
Circular Spokes 6 Translate to 33 
Delayed collar loops. Then 
On the cut-out of the buds to dial the 
3 N, and the edge of the cutout of the backrest dial 
Another 24 p. • 96 p, for pile: Nick 
Knit faces. (Padyu, 8 cm from 
Start of the collar peti freely 
Close. Collar. 
Get inside and sew in a circle, 
Fit the sleeves, sew the button on the 
Distance of 22 cm from each other. As 
indicated on the pattern, the jacket should 
Fastened from right to left, 

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