Knitted Stylish Top Free Pattern

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34/36 (38/40-42/44-46/48)

You will need to
Yarn (88% cashmere wool, 12% polyamide; 85 m/25 g)-275 (325-350-375) G white; Straight Spokes № 7; Circular Spokes № 6.5, 40 cm long.

Patterns and diagrams

Facial surface
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops. In the circular series, all loops to tie the facial.

Diamond Pattern
Knit according to the scheme. In width start with 9 p. Before the 1st arrow, repeat the rapport = 16 p. Between the arrows and finish 9 p. After the 2nd arrow. In height to repeat from the 1st to 32-th row.

Decorative Uduavki
From the right edge: Chrome, 2 p. Projazit together a front with a slope to the left (= 1 p. To take off, as at a face knitting, the following loop to Projazat a front, then a removed loop to stretch through Projazazit).

From the left edge: 2 p. Touch the front, chrome.

From The right edge: Crom., out of the stretch to knit 1 person. Crossed.

From the left edge: from the stretch To knit 1 persons. Crossed, Chrome.

Density of Knitting
19 p. x 27 P. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with the pattern of "Rhomto". The Sample is made on the spokes № 7.

Doing the work

On the spokes № 7 to Dial 86 (94-102-110) p. and Projazit 1 izn. Range of purl.

Further loops to distribute as follows: Krom., 9 (13-9-13) p. Obverse Gladyu, 66 (66-82-82) p. A pattern "Rhomto", thus 3 (3-4-4) times to repeat Raport = 16 p. Between arrows, 9 (13-9-13) p. The obverse Gladyu, Krom.

For Pritaliya to perform on both sides in the 22nd p. At an altitude of 8 cm from the inlaid row of 1 decorative ubavke, then repeat the decorative Ubavki 2 more times in each 8th p. = 80 (88-96-104) p.

In the next 16th p. From the last Ubavka and then 2 more times in each 8th P. Add on both sides of 1 P. = 86 (94-102-110) p.

Through 8.5 (7.5-6-4.5) cm = 23 (21-17-13) p. From the last increment, or at an altitude of 34.5 (33,5-32-30,5) cm = 93 (91-87-83) p. From the inlaid row to close on both sides for Armholes 1 times 3 (5-3-5) p. and in each 2nd p. 1 more times 3 p. , 1 time to 2 p. and 1 time to 1 P. = 68 (72-84-88) p.

Through 19 (20-21,5-23) cm = 52 (54-58-62) p. From the beginning of the armhole to move all the loops on the auxiliary spokes.

Knit like a backrest.

On the spokes № 7 to dial 36 (38-40-44) p. and Projazit 1 izn. Range of purl.

Further loops to distribute as follows: Krom., 0 (1-2-4) p. Obverse Gladyu, 34 р. A pattern "Rhomto", thus 1 time to communicate raport = 16 p. Between arrows, 0 (1-2-4) p. Obverse Gladyu, Krom.

In the 8th p. From the inlaid series to add on both sides for bevel on 1 p., then add on both sides 8 more times in each 12th p. (9 times in each 10th p.-11 times in each 8th p.-12 times alternately in each 6th and 8th p.) 1 p. = 54 (58-64-70) p. Added Loops knit facial smoothness.

Through 40.5 (39-37,5-36) cm = 109 (105-101-97) p. From the inlaid of the row to close on both sides for the Okata 1 times to 3 p., then in each 2nd P. 1 times 2 p. and 1 times 1 p., then in each 4th p. 4 (4-1-1) times to 1 p. and again in each 2- M p. 6 (8-12-14) times to 1 p. and 1 times to 2 (2-3-3) p.

In 14 (15,5-15-16) cm = 38 (42-40-44) p. From the beginning of the Okata close the remaining 18 (18-20-22) p.

To Carry out humeral seams, for this to lay back and in front of obverse parties to each other and to communicate external 15 (16-21-22) p. Shoulders in pairs together a front and immediately to close.

On the edges of the neck of the backrest and the front to transfer to circular spokes № 6.5 postponed 38 (40-42-44) p. Every detail and continue to knit for collar-rack circular rows, thus in the 1st Circle. P. On humeral seams to carry on 2 p. Together obverse = 74 (78-82-86) p., in the middle of front and back on 34 p. Continue a pattern "Rhomto", between loops of a pattern on both parties to knit on 3 (5-7-9) p. A front smooth. At width of a collar 9 sm = 30 circle. P. Close the hinges.

Carry out side seams and seams of sleeves. Sew sleeves.

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