Top with openwork triangular motif

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WIDTH PRODUCTS FOR chest girth 82 (86) 90 (94) cm. 

Length of the article 58 (60) 62 (64), see 

yarn ( 60% mohair, 15% wool, 25% silk; 50 g / 280 m) - 2 (2) 3 (3) of a skein of light pink; circular needles number 5 with a length of 40 and 60 cm; straight needles No. 5. 


GUM Knit alternately 1 person., 1 izn. 

Facial rows - facial hinges, purl rows - purl loops; 
in circular rows, all the loops are knit facial. 

Openwork motif 
Top with openwork triangular motif

15 p. X 28 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with the front satin stitch on the needles No. 5. 


The circular needles No. 5 are free to dial 122 (130) 134 (142) s. And knit in a circle 3 r. rubber band. 

Continue to work the facial smoothness. 

Fasten the auxiliary thread at the beginning and, counting half the loops, knit until the product is 38 (39) 41 (42) cm. 

Only applies to size S: in the last round row before closing the loops for the armholes, start in the center of the front in the openwork yoke . 

Applies to all sizes: in the next round row, close by 4 points on both sides of the auxiliary threads and temporarily leave the work. 

On straight knitting needles No. 5, freely dial 45 (47) 49 (51) p. And knit 3 p. rubber band. 

Continue to work the facial smoothness. 

Through 2 (2) 4 (6) p. close on both sides in the next 2 p. 4 p. and work temporarily leave. 

The second sleeve is knit similarly. 

Hinges of all parts translate into circular needles, knitting in a circle 1 p. front stitch, in the following sequence: first sleeve, before, second sleeve, back = on the needles 180 (192) 200 (212) p. 

Mark all transitions from one part to another + middle loop in front with a contrasting thread.

Knit in a circle and in the next row perform reglan reductions: 1 person., 2 points. Knit together the front one, knit up to the last 3 points of the sleeve, 1 point. Remove, pull the next loop around the front one and remove the loop, 2 2 points. Knit together the front, knit until the last 3 points before, 1 point. Remove the next loop, knit the front one and remove the loop after knitting, 2 faces., 2 points. Knit together the front one, knit until the last 3 points. Sleeves, 1 p. To remove, to knit the next loop of the front one and to pull the removed loop through the knitted one, 2 persons., 2 p. be together front knit to last 3 n. backrest. 1 pt removed following loop knit the front and removed through the loop stretch knit, 1 individuals. These reductions are repeated in every 2nd p. - a total of 13 (14) 15 (16) times.

Simultaneously (refers to dimensions (M) L (XL): start in the middle of the front in accordance with the openwork coquette scheme in (1st p.) 2nd p. (3rd p.) Without ragland downs! 

Important: the last downs of openwork coquette (. see scheme) right and left to perform together with raglan ubavkami so: the right hand circuit provyazat 3 n together face, the left side of scheme 1 n stay 2 n knit together the front and the removed loop pulled through provyazat.... 

When finished circuit , knit circularly 3 r. eraser. Then close the loop on the drawing. 

ends of yarns to fix. Run seams sleeves. The sleeves sew on n zhnih areas.

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