White and blue elongated vest

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Sizes: 38/40 (42/44) 46/48 

You will need: 250 (250) 300 g white and 200 (250) 250 g yarn indigo Lyra (54% cotton, 46% silk, 135 m / 50 g) ; straight needles number 5; hook number 4, 5; 1 buckle. 

Gum (width 8 p.): 1st and all individuals. R: * 2 out., 5 persons., 1 out. *; 2nd and all izn. R: * 2 persons., 3 ex., 3 persons. *. Repeat from * to *. 

The density of knitting, gum: 20 p. And 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Attention! The vest consists of 4 parts, which are then stitched together. The blue details are knitted across. 

Right side of the back: dial 48 (52) 56 p. With white thread, tie between chrome. 70 cm rubber band and loop close. 

Left shelf: knit, like a back, only with a V-shaped neckline. To do this, after 40 cm from the typesetting edge, close from the left edge in each 4th p. 10 x 1 p. And in every 3rd p. 18 x 1 p. The remaining hinges directly close after 70 cm from the dial edge.

The left part of the back: blue thread dial 142 p. And knit between the chrome. rubber band. After 24 (26) 28 cm from the dial edge, close all the loops. 

Right shelf: blue thread dial 82 p. And knit between the chrome. rubber band. For the neckline re-dial from the right edge in each 2nd p. 18 x 3 and 3 x 2 p. Through 14 cm from the typesetting edge, knit a straight web. After 24 (26) 28 cm from the dial edge, close all the loops. 

Belt: white thread tie a chain of 10 sur. p. Knit art. b / n, with each row rotate 1 vozd. n. Through 140 (148) 156 cm belt to finish. 

Belt loops (length of each = 7 cm): knit on 4 items with 4 parts of blue and white thread, like a belt.

Assembly: all middle edges of the white parts should be tied with a “stride step” (= Art. B / n from left to right). Place the edges of the blue parts under the bound edges and sew the parts. Run shoulder and side seams, while leaving the upper 18 (20) 22 cm open to armholes. Tie all edges with a “stride step” thread of the appropriate color. Sew loops to the shelves and back, leaving 18 cm from the bottom edge. Sew a buckle to the belt, thread the belt through the loops. In conclusion, all the seams lightly steam.

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