White Knit Top Free Pattern

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Size: 46-48 

For knitting a turtleneck spokes you will need: 

White Woolen yarn 300 g (280m/50g); 
Spokes № 2 and № 2.5; 
Circular Spokes № 2 

Pattern of elastic band 2х2: 
1st R.: 1 Chrome, * 2 N., 2 persons, repeat from *, 1 chrome. 
2nd P.: Loops knit on the figure. 
Repeat 1st and 2nd P. 

The Pattern of "Rhomb": to Knit on a scheme, in purl rows all loops to knit on a drawing, a scale to tie an izn. 

How to knit a turtleneck with spokes 

Knit back of the turtleneck with spokes 

Dial 140 loops on the spokes № 2 and tie the 16 cm elastic band. 

Change the spokes to № 2.5 and continue the work with the diamond pattern of 26 cm. 

To Tie the armhole, turn off both sides: 1 time – 6 loops, 1 time – 5 loops, 1 time – 4 loops, etc. up to 1 loop. 

At an altitude of 59.5 cm from the beginning of work, close the central 12 loops (for the neck). 

The Shoulders are finished separately. For forming of a neck close about closed central loops on each party 1 times-5 loops, 1 times-4 loops, 1 times-3 loops, 1 time-2 loops and 1 time-1 loop. 

Simultaneously form The bevel of the shoulder: when closed 3 loops of the neck close on the shoulder 2 times-9 loops and 1 time-10 loops. 

Knit before the turtleneck with spokes 
Knit is similar to the backrest only with the difference that the pattern of "rhomboi" knitting 28 cm (for the pull). When stitching the sides of the backrest and the front of the extra 2 cm in the area of the breast priposite. 

For the neck, close the hinges at an altitude of 56 cm from the beginning of knitting. 

Knit Sleeves turtleneck Knitting needles 
Dial 80 loops on the spokes № 2 and knit with a 16 cm elastic band. Similarly to the basic details of a turtleneck we continue work on spokes № 2.5 a pattern of "rhomboks". 

To form an expansion of sleeves in each 4 row add on both parties on 1 loop until on spokes there will be 96 loops. Don't forget to add new loops to the pattern. 

Then tie another 11 rows and start forming the sleeve. For this purpose from both parties close 1 time-on 6 loops, 1 time-on 5 loops, 1 time-on 4 loops, 1 time-on 3 loops, 1 times-on 2 loops, 17 times-on 1 loop, 24 times-on 2 loops. Close the loops.

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