Spring Cardigan Free Pattern

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On circular spokes 9 mm Dial 122 (127) loops. 
Distribute loops as follows: 
1st row (LS): 1 persons, 2 Izn, 10 persons, 2 Izn, 26 (31) Persons, 2 Izn, 6 persons, 2 Izn, 20 persons, 2 Izn, 6 persons, 2 Izn, 26 
(31) Persons, 2 Izn, 10 persons, 2 Izn, 1 persons. 
For convenience, you can place markers between the coconuts. 
Then knit according to the scheme, which lists only the facial rows. In the purl ranks knit on 
Drawing. Repeat 40 rows of the pattern until the height of the canvas is 65 (70) cm. Finish in 
Vixen a row. Close loops. 
Lock the canvas. 
Fold the cloth along the half face inside and connect the sides with the reverse 
Hand, leaving open armholes (at the discretion). 
On circular spokes of 6.5 mm raise an even number of loops along the edge, starting from the left seam. 
To combine in a circle and to knit 10 circular rows of rubber Band 1 persons, 1 izn. If you want, you can link 
Rubber band cuff along the sleeves. 

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