Melange Top Free Pattern

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Melange Top 
Size: 38/40 
You will need: 350 g green melange yarn 0ndine (100% Cotton, 110 m 50 g): Straight Spokes 
3.5, VC 4 and 4.5: circular Spokes 4: Hook 3.5. 
Pattern from stretch marks: the number of loops 
But W 2 chrome. Each p. Start and 
To finish Ј Crom. 1st R.: • 1 scale 
Remove L as a., 2 persons.. Then 
Stretch these two faces. Through removed P., 
Repeat from • 2nd R.: All Loops and Knitting yarn Repeat 1st 
Persons. surface, circular p.: Knit faces. 
Shell pattern: The number of 
Multiple 18 + 1. Knit lo Scheme 
Ng Bottom edge. Here the points under the 
Do not have values. Each p. 
Start with C. P. Lifting instead of 
1st Art. S/n or 1 extra. Commander. P. 
Start with the loops before the Rapp- 
Including. Repeating rapport, finishing 
Loops after Raport. Link 1 
Times from 1st to 5th p. 
Density of knitting. Spokes 4.5: 
17.5 p. and 25.5 R.: 10 x 10 cm; Spokes 
20p. and 26.5 Needles 
3.5: L. and 27.5 R. x cm. 
Attention! Reducing the width of the 
Comes from the change of the number of spokes. 
Back/front: on spokes IU 4.5 dial 
98 p. and Link 1 P. N. This one 
The number of NAE is taken into account 
Account. Then knit a pattern of pro- 
Tjazhek. Nerez 15 cm 38 p. From the Set- 
Edge to move to bends 4. 
After 15 cm 40 p. From the change of the 
Go to the spokes 3ђ. After 8 cm 
= 22 P. From the change of the sfaces to postpone for 
Neck cut average 18 p. and 
Both sides to finish separately. 
For rounding, close the inner 
The edge in every 2nd R. H and 
37 x 1 P. Simultaneously through 11 cm 
30 p. From change of spokes to close for 
On both sides of the city and in each 
2nd p. 14х1 p. Through 22 cm in P. from 
The change of the AGBM to close with each 
The remaining 3 p. 
Assembly: Tie the bottom edge of the front 
And backrest with a pattern of shells 
This in the 1st P. Execute 5 rapports 
The initial and final L. 
The round yoke to be transferred to the 
Knitting needles deferred p. Front 
And backrest, on both sides to dial the 
Bight cut of 35 To dial on both sides of the 19 p. Shoulders), conclude a circle, 

At all 214 p. Link 1 circular p. 
IPMs. And then knit faces. Surface. For 
The shape of the 
Those shoulders on both sides of each 
3rd circular P. 3 x and in each 2nd 
Circular p. 2 x 3 p. Together 
Hard to remove 2 liters as persons., 1 persons. 
L Stretch it through both shot N.). 
At the height of the yoke 5 cm tie on 
All loops still 1 circular p. N. 
And all the loops close the faces. Perform Side seams. 

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