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She watched Stella's dress, the "corset" is knitted along, and the skirt is crosswise. The corset is knitted with a pattern: two rows of columns with a crochet and 2 rows alternate with a pattern with crossed posts. you will knit in turning rows, then the crossed columns in the first row will be in one direction to look, and in the second row to the other. Top "corset" tie 6-7 rows of columns without a crochet and you can get the silicone veins in there for a more snug fit to the body. In the video I think I saw that on the back lacing on the "corset". 
Base skirt - a mesh, and imposed on it frills, I think fit ruffles diagram of dresses Manuela   Snachev la knit  mesh (item 1 / n, n 2c, 1st Class / n, etc....), And only the grid impose ruffles 

Source : https://club.osinka.ru/topic-145527?p=13432704#13432704

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