Crochet Blouse Green Free Pattern

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Vorotnik: nabrat nA "brocovuyu" thread 60 petel and provyazat paru krugovyh ryadov, zatem thread ocnovnogo tsveta provyazyvaem 6 ryadov litsevoy gladyu, 1 row iznanochny 2 ryada litsevoy gladyu in cleduyuschem row We do the opening for the cord (just two petals together + nakid) tie another 3 rows of face glade. 

The TERR is dispersed by the “brooches” thread, the open hinges are worn on the harness. The bones, our co-stars and our crooks, and we tie them in two heels, still knitting, another 16 rows. 

The cord is connected by a hook, a chain of 120 air stitches + a series of seals. Yarn Alizee lana gold, needles addi 4,5 Distribution of hinge for reglan: 19-way, 15-spine, with 9-hands, 4 times with 2 dais on the reglan line. Heated 30 rows, then 8 rows only on the back (growth) 

Body of the 50 series row, then short-circuited on the back, left on track 5, the last section on the back of the line, on the back of the line, leaving 10 pieces on the back of the line, leaving 10 pieces on the back of the line. A hand of 55 rows, a reduction in each 10 row of 2 petals, a 2x2 10 row row. Dimensions: Spine length 44 cm, Turning height 8 cm, Straight line 16 cm, Arm at the inner seam 27 cm, Jersey width 36 cm 


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