A volumetric crochet cardigan with a lush crochet pattern

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The volume pattern of this elongated cardigan of two types of yarn is underlined by straps connected by an elastic band.

36/38 (40/42) 44/46

Yarn 1 (100% wool; 130 m / 50 g) - 550 (600) 650 g in powder color; 
Yarn 2 (72% alpaca wool, 16% polyamide, 12% sheep wool; 190 m / 50 g) - 350 (400) 400 g of faded rose color; hook number 6; Spokes number 4, 5; circular needles number 4,5.

The product fits into 2 threads (1 yarn of each color, taken together).

Even number of loops: knit between chrome. loops alternately 1 person., 1 out.

The number of loops is a multiple of 3 + 1 p. + 3 v. lifting: crochet number 6 according to the above scheme. 

In width, start with loops before rapport, repeat rapport, end with loops after rapport. In height from the 1st to the 3rd p. perform 1 time, then repeat the 1st and 2nd series.

The main pattern is knit from a strap knitted on the knitting needles (ce on the diagram in front of the 1st river design = a row with a knitted strap with closed loops).

13 p. X 5.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the main crochet pattern №6.


On the needles No. 4, 5, dial in 2 threads 110 (120) 130 p. And knit for the lower plank 10 cm rubber band. Loop straps close. 

Attach a double thread to the beginning of the row with closed loops of the knitted strap, crochet 3 vp. the rise and then knit the main pattern for closed slats = 21 (23) 25 rapports + 1 end loop = 64 (70) 76 p.  

In 65.5 cm = 36 p. from the lower strap, leave on both sides for shoulder bevels 1 times 11 (11) 14 s. untied. 

Simultaneously with the beginning of the bevels, leave the middle 20 s unbound, = the edge of the neck, and finish both sides separately. 

Through 67.5 cm = 37 p. from the bottom bracket work on 11 (14) 14 p. shoulder finish. 

The second side is knit symmetrically first.

On the spokes №4,5 dial in 2 threads 50 (54) 60 p. And tie the lower bar, as described for the back. 

To continue the work with a crochet openwork pattern from a row with closed loops of a strap knitted on the needles, as described for back = 10 (11) 12 rapports + 1 edge loop = 31 (34) 37 p.  

At a height of 36.5 cm = 20 p. from the plank from the left edge, leave for the formation of a bevel of the cut-out, not tied, first 1 time 3 points, then in each 6th p. 2 more times 3 points.  

From the right edge, perform the shoulder bevel as on the back and work on the remaining 11 (14) 14 points. Finish at the same height as on the back.

Knit symmetrically left shelf.

On the needles No. 4, 5, dial in 2 threads 50 (54) 60 points and knit for a strip 8 cm with an elastic band. 

Close the loops of the strap and continue the work with a crochet openwork pattern = 10 (11) 12 rapports + 1 edge loop = 31 (34) 37 p.  

At the same time, starting from the plank, add on both sides for bevels 3 times in each 6th p. 3 p., added loops to include in the pattern = 49 (52) 55 p.  

Through 43.5 cm = 24 p. from the plank work to finish.

Run shoulder seams. 

For the front plate, dial on the circular needles No. 4.5 on the front edges of the shelves 166 p., On the edge of the neck of the back 29 pp and on all 361 p. Knit with an elastic band, while after chrome. start with individuals. hinges and front chrome. finish the individuals. loop. With a slat width of 4 cm, close the loops with facial ones. 

Sew sleeves. Run side seams and sleeve seams.

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