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For knitting of the back, the “Asian Spike” pattern was used.

The pattern consists of 2 parts, each part is knitted from 6 loops.

To knit snoot we type the number of loops multiple of 6 plus plus 2 edge loops. 
This description is for a size of 52-54 cm. You can independently link the Loose “Spikelet” to other sizes, increasing or decreasing the number of pattern reports.

We collect 132 loops + 2 edge. Knit 6 loops faces. Turn over knitting on the wrong side.

We knit the same 6 loops, but already wear. loops.

We turn the knitting on the front side and knit these 6 loops again, but the faces.

We continue to knit only the first six loops, while alternating the rows in the following sequence: one face, one purl.

Knit this way in a height of 10 rows.

We finish with the wrong side.

In the 11th row we knit our 6 loops with facial and knit three more loops from the left knitting needle. We turn the knitting and knit again in 
turning rows only the extreme 6 loops (three just dialed and three from the previous part).

Knit 10 rows. 
Then you need to knit again three loops from the front of the dial-up row and turn the knitting to the wrong side. And knit again, 
only the extreme 6 loops.

We knit again 10 rows. 
Repeat until the end of the row. We knit 4 more rows with a simple faceplate, these will be connecting rows.

We finish the facial near. 
Next, we will form the second part of our spikelet.

Please note that knitting will be in a mirror image, and we will knit on the wrong side. 
Knit the first 6 loops with purses, turn the knitting and knit 6 faces.

We thus knit 10 rows, ending with facial rows.

In the 11th row knit 6 out. and 3 loops from a connecting row as purl.

Now we continue knitting with extreme 6 loops, knit 10 rows in the same way.

Similarly, the first part of the spike tying this. 
After both parts of the spike are connected, we knit again 4 connecting rows. And we repeat our spike 2 more times.

After that, we knit 1 row with the front and close the loops. We fold our side with the sides to each other (where the edge loops) face up is facing us. And sew the usual knitted stitch.

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