Stylish and Simple Knitted Blouse

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36/38 (40/42) 44/46

You will need to
Yarn (100% cotton, 125 m/50 g)-300 (350) 400 g natural-white; Spokes № 3.5; Circular Spokes № 3.5 and 3.

Patterns and diagrams

Facial surface
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops.

Openwork pattern
Number of Loops multiple 10 + 4 + 2 Kromovyi = Knit SOGL. Diagram 1. On it are given facial and Purls ranks. To Start with 1 crown and loops before rapport, the rapport is constantly repeated, to finish loops after rapport and 1 crown. Run 1 times 1 – 22 series, then constantly repeat the 3rd-22nd series.

Pattern with Stretch
Circular Series (Number of loops multiple 6) = Knit SOGL. Diagram 2. All The circular rows are given on it. Constantly repeat rapport and 1-4th circular series.

Circular Series (Number of loops multiple 3). Knit * 2 Facial, 1 purl, from * constantly repeating.

Underlined Ubcaps
In the front rows: on the right edge = after the edges 2 loops to touch together the face with an inclination to the left (1 loop to take off as obverse, 1 obverse, then to stretch it through a removed loop).

On the left side = before the Edge 2 loops touch together the front.

In purl rows: On the right edge = after the two loops touch the reverse together.

On the left side = before the Edge 2 loops touch together the reverse crossed.

Density of Knitting
21 p. x 28.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected with openwork pattern;
21 p. x 35 r. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by the facial smoothness;
21 p. x 32 Circle. P. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by an elastic band.

Doing the work

Dial on the Spokes 96 (106) 116 loops and tie 1 seamy row of purl, then two rows of facial smoothness. These series are not accounted for in subsequent calculations.

Continue working with openwork pattern.

After 32 cm = 92 series from the initial row to continue the work facial smoothness 1 and at the same time emphasized to reduce for short reglannogo bevel on both sides 1 x 1 P., then for the 1st dimension is underlined to reduce * in the next row 1 x 1 p. and the next 2nd row 1 x 1 p. , from * repeat 3 more times; For the 2nd dimension It is emphasized to reduce in each 2nd row 9 x 1 p. and for the 3rd size It is underlined to reduce * in the next 2-nd row 1 x 1 P. and in the next 3rd row 1 x 1 P., from * Repeat 4 more times. The Remaining 78 (86) 94 p. through 4 cm = 14 rows (5.5 cm = 20 rows) 7.5 cm = 26 rows from the change of pattern to leave for the round yoke.

Knit like a backrest.

Dial on the spokes for each sleeve on 64 (74) 84 loops and tie 1 seamy row of purl. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations.

Continue to work with the facial smoothness.

Short Reglanny Bevel run through 4 cm = 14 rows from the initial row, both on the back, and through 8 cm = 28 rows (9.5 cm = 34 series) 11.5 = 40 rows from the initial row to leave the remaining 46 (54) 62 p. For the round yoke.

Round Yoke
Loops of front, 1-st sleeve, a backrest and 2-th sleeves in turn to dial on circular spokes № 3.5 and on all 248 (280) 312 p. To execute 1 circular row of obverse, thus in the 1st circular row to carry all kromogovi together obverse = 244 (276) 308 p.

Continue the work with a pattern with stretches, and in the 1st circular series add 2 (0) 4 p. = 246 (276) 312 p.

To reduce the volume through 4 cm = 12 circular rows from the beginning of knitting yoke to touch inside each 2nd scar reverse the two loops together reverse, even after 4 cm = 12 circular rows inside the remaining purl of the scars of 2 loops together Reverse = 205 (230) 260 p.

After 11 cm = 35 Circular Series (12 cm = 39 Circular series) 13.5 cm = 43 Circular series from the beginning of the yoke knitting (after the 3rd Circular series of the scheme) to perform the 4th Circular Circuit series, but do not perform the scale and additionally to the inside of each Iznanochnogo scar 2 Loops together reverse = 123 (138) 156 p.

Then continue to work for the strap on the spokes № 3 rubber band. At width of a lath 3 sm close all loops on drawing.

Perform the seams of the reglane, lateral seams and seams of sleeves.

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