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Stylish, unusual and original knit skirt without seams. It knits from top to bottom without formations, and the elastic pattern of the canvas creates a snug silhouette. What is unusual about her? It is performed on the wrong side out. 

Description skirts knitting: 

on hip circumference: 29 (31.5, 35.25, 39, 41.73). "The photo shows size 29" with a negative addition of (ie ubavkoy) 
You will need: 
Yarn Valley Yarns Sheffield (70% merino wool, 15 % silk, 15% angora; 120 yards [110 m] x 50 g) gray # 30-5 (5, 6, 6,7) skeins. 

Circular needles 5 mm. 
Circular needles 8 mm. 
Loop markers (M) 
Auxiliary circular needle (BC) of a smaller number than a working needle 
Tapestry needle 
Auxiliary thread 

Please note - the wrong side of the work is the front side of the pattern and skirt. 

Hinges in the pattern to shoot as purl. 
NPR - to pull the thread along the removed loops behind the work.
1 + 3H - with the left needle to lift 3 threads from the previous rows from the seamy side of the work and knit with the seamy side together with the next loop. 
1, 2 and 3 terms: * remove 3 p. Of the NDP, 3 persons .; repeat from * to the end. 
4th and 5th circle: face loops. 
6 circle: * 1 persons., 1 + 3Н, 4 persons .; repeat from * to the end. 
7, 8 and 9 terms: * 3 persons., Remove 3 p. Of the NDP; repeat from * to the end. 
Circle 10 and 11: face loops. 
12 circle: * 4 persons., 1 + 3Н, 1 persons .; repeat from * to the end. 
Repeat the pattern from the 1st to the 12th circle. 


This skirt runs from the top down without formations, the elastic pattern of the canvas creates a form-fitting silhouette. Choose a size 1-4 smaller than your actual hips girth. The skirt is on the wrong side out.

Puff: bend the work to itself so that the opposite side is visible (wrong). Introduce the left knitting needle from top to bottom under the 3 broach threads, knit these 3 threads together with the purl from the next. n. on the left spoke. 

On the needles of a smaller size, dial open 69 (75, 84, 93, 99) p. Do not join in a circle and knit as follows: [1 row of facial loops, 1 row of back loops] repeat 2 times. 
Then move the lower loops from the fishing line to the knitting needle. Place the needles in parallel: with the lower loops at the back, and with the upper ones in front and knit as follows: * 1 persons. from the front spokes, 1 out. from the back needles; repeat from * until I will be knotted in this way, all 138 (150, 168, 186, 198) paragraphs from both spokes. Mark the beginning of the row with a marker, join in a circle to knit 11 cm with an 1x1 rubber band. 

Main part
Knit 1 time 1-12th round. R. honeycomb pattern. Change to the spokes of a larger number. Continue working with the main pattern. At a height of 44 cm from the start of work, close all loops freely. 

Hide all thread tips. Unscrew the skirt on the front side of the pattern. 
Conduct wet-thermal treatment according to size. 

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