Openwork Blouse with Bat Sleeves

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Dimensions S M L XL 
The circumference of the gum at the bottom of the product (in slightly stretched state) is approximately 94 102 110 114 
Product length about 57 60 61 64 

Yarn Novita Rose mohair (Pink mohair) 250 300 350 350 gr 
Spokes 5 and 5.5-6 and circular spokes 40 cm № 5 
Density-openwork pattern: 18p and 22 rows = 10 cm, Rubber band: slightly stretched 18p = 10 cm 
Elastic Band: 2 persons, 2 H. 
Azhur: by scheme. 

For thinner spokes Dial 89 (93) 101 (105) p. Knit Elastic band 2/2 (starting from two purl) — 9 (9) 10 (10) cm, change the spokes to thicker and on the reverse side of the work to start knitting openwork pattern on the scheme I (that is the odd series of the scheme-on reverse Side of the product). According to the scheme of the first 4p on the left, then repeat the pattern Raport 21 (22) 24 (25) times, finish the last two loops of the scheme (right). On the Spokes 111 (116) 126 (131) p. Repeat 1-12 series of circuit I. Note: When the rows 1-7 of the openwork are connected, start the decrease for the Reglan with the 8 rows of openwork on the circuit II. Reduce in each 3rd row on 1p on both sides, only 35 (37) 37 (40) times (the decrease for Reglan is marked on the scheme II red). During knitting 12 rows on each side of the work is always 5 p. Before postponing the work the latter knit a series on the wrong work (Scheme I series 6 or 12). Leave the loops waiting. 
Before knitting also as a backrest. 

For thicker spokes Dial 89 (89) 93 (93) N and start knitting from the 7th row of the scheme I as follows: The first 3p on the left according to the scheme, repeat Rapport 21 (21) 22 (22) times, finish with the last two loops of the circuit (right). It turned out 110 (110) 115 (115) p. Associate in the Scheme 1 7-12 series (the attention of the Reglan begins immediately from the 8th row according to the scheme II), repeat the series from 1 to 12. For Reglan reduce in each 3rd row on both sides of 1 N 35 (37) 37 (40) times (the decrease for Reglan marked on the scheme II red). During knitting 12 rows on each side of the work is always 5 p. link on the reverse side of the series (1 scheme 6 or 12 row). Leave the loops waiting. 

Straighten the parts according to the size of the pattern. Spray the water on the parts with the reverse side, allow to dry. Sew the Reglan. Assemble all loops on circular spokes. Knit a rubber band 1x1, closed loops in a circle, and Ubyv in the 1st row on both sleeves 10 (8) 10 (8) p (= Knit 5-4-5-4 p, average 3p together). Tie the Rubber band 2.5 cm. Close the picture. 

Symbols in order: 

Persons, knit on the wrong side reverse 

And knit on the wrong face 

Yarn Over 

2 Loops together Front 

On the front side-two together front, reverse-2 together Reverse

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