Stylish Knitting Blouse

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Dimensions: 38/40 (42/44) 46/48

You will need: 500 (550) 550 g of black Beam yarn (58% cotton. 42% polyamide, 110 m/50 g): circular spokes No. 4.

Rubber: crom, 2 persons, 2 alternately, finish two faces., crom. In the state. Loops knit on the picture.

Persons. Smooth: faces. individuals. N.H., From. I don't think so. P.

A-string Strip A (out of 21 p.): knit on the scheme 1, which is given only persons. I don't know what to say. all loops and nakida knit from the out. Repeat from 1st to 18th p.

Aurbed B (out of 21 p.): knit as a fishnet strip A, but according to the scheme 2.

Out-of-the-way surface: persons. I don't think so. N.H., From. individuals. P.

Knit density. Rubber: 22 p. and 27 p. q 10 x 10 cm; Average density: 19 p.p. and 27 p.d.

Back: dial 100 (108) 116 p. and tie for the bar 16 cm q 44 p. rubber band, evenly decreasing the last p. 9 p. 91 (99) 107 p.

Then knit as follows: Crom., 5 (9) 13 p. persons. gladi, 21 p.p. fishnet strip A. 37 p. persons. Glady, 21 p.p. fishnet lane V. 5 (9) 13 p. persons. smooth, crom.

After 13.5 cm and 36 p. from the bar to add or additionally dial for all-tied sleeves on both sides 1 p., in each 4th p. 2 x 1 p. and in each 2nd p. 4 x 1, 2 x 2, 2 x 3, 1 x 4 and 1 x 5 p. 143 (151)159 p. Surface.

In 44 cm, 118 p. (45.5 cm q 122 p.) 47 cm q 126 p. from the bar close for shoulder slants on both sides 5 p. and in each 2nd p. 5 x 5 (5) 6.1 x 10 (12) 11 and 1 x 17 (19) 19 p. Simultaneously with the 5th shoulder to close the shoulder for the cut of the middle 19 p.

To round close from the inner edge in each 2nd p. 1 x 3 and 1 x 2 p.

Finish the work in 49 cm q 132 p. (50.5 cm q 136 p.) 52 cm q 140 p. from the bar.

Before: start the same way, but after the bar both halves knit separately.

First knit the actual right half. To do this, the first 30 (34) 38 p. rows postpone and the remaining 61 (65) 69 p. knit as follows: crom, 3 p. persons. Glady, 21 p. openwork strip B, 35 (39) 43 p. faces, irons, crowns.

For the slash ingess, reduce the right side in each 2nd p. 2 x, in each 4th p. 26 x and in each 6th p. 2 x 1 p. For this after the openwork strip instead of the last stretch to perform 1 double stretch (to remove 1 p. as persons. 2 p. together persons. and stretch this p. through the removed p.) and accordingly after the last cape to tie 2 p. together persons. Simultaneously perform on the left side of the sleeve and reduce for slanting the shoulder as on the back.

Finish the job at the height of the back.

For the left half to enter into the work deferred p. and to subtread additionally to score 31 p. 61 (65) 69 p. Knit symmetrically right half and with a delicate strip A, while the additions for the slashing cut to perform as follows: instead of the first p. of the fishnet strip, tied together persons. and accordingly up to the 1st cape to perform 1 stretch (to remove 1 p. as persons.. 1 persons and stretch it through the removed p.).

Assemblage: perform shoulder seams and upper seams of sleeves.

By slanting the neckline and cut-out neckline of the back dial 165 (171) 177 p., tie 3 p. of the out-of-the-art surface and loops to close the faces. Stitch the underboard.

At the edges of the sleeves score on 50 (56) 62 p. tie 3 p. of the wrong surface and loop to close the faces.

Perform side seams and lower seams of sleeves.

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