White Cardigan Free Pattern

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Yarn: Monte Color: 62 Cream quantity of Motks: 7; Spokes: N2 5 
Size: 38-40 
Used knitting techniques: facial surface, purl surface 
1. Dial 85 loops. Tie 14 rows, alternately having two rows of reverse and two rows of front 
2. From the bottom edge of the cloth (hem) tie 60 loops to the front and turn the work. 
Z. Tie 12 rows of the first four loops, constantly turning the work. 
4. Then, also link 12 rows from the next group of loops. Thus complete the series. 
5. Tie out of all 85 loops 4 rows of front surface (yoke: Knit of 25 upper loops. They should be 
Knitting, alternately having two rows of reverse and two rows of facial smoothness. D: and cut formation 
In each 3rd row, do not tie the last 5 loops). 
6. Knit, alternating convex parts of the cloth with 4 rows of front surface (in the part of the yoke to alternate two rows 
Reverse and 2 rows of front surface). 
7. Having executed 5 convex numbers, to postpone 44 loops. On the other spoke to dial 52 loops, to connect with 
Remaining loops and continue to knit convex motifs. 
8. Linking 10 rows of convex motifs, close these 52 loops, return the postponed loops and continue 
Knitting the backrest until then. 
9. Until 12 convex rows are formed. Again postpone loops, dial extra loops for 
Second sleeve and tie as described above. 
10. Linking sleeve, continue knitting the second front shelf. After the required number of convex 
Rows to tie 14 rows, alternately having two happy facial and two rows of reverse stitch (for 
Formation of neck cut in each 3rd Rada should not tie the top 5 loops of the yoke). In the 10th 
Row at the top of the yoke to execute the button hole: Touch the first 4 loops to spruce 1 
; FtZ. P (4 
and reduce the 1 loop. 1 hole. 

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