Baby Cardigan with Cap Pattern

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56/62 (68/74) 80/86

You will need
Yarn (100% of sheep's wool; 175 m/50 g)-200 g light beige; Spokes № 3; Hosiery Spokes № 2.5 and 3; Hook № 3; 3 pearl buttons.


Platinum Binding
Facial and Purls ranks knit facial.

Round series: Alternately 1 circular row-facial loops, 1 circular series-purls loops

Underlined Ubavki
Knit 2 p. Together front, 4 p. Platelkoj (2 p. From both sides of the Mark), 2 p. projazit with a slope to the left (= 1 p. Remove as a face, 1 person. and pull through it removed loop).

Density of knitting
24 p. x 48 P. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with a binding.


Work execution

Backrest and shelves
Dial on the Spokes 109 (124) 133 p. And between the edge knit Platelkoj. 

After 13 (16) 17 cm from the initial row to tie the Seamy series as follows: Edge, 24 (28) 30 p. Platelkoj, 8 p. Close for Armholes, 43 (50) 55 p. Platelkoj, 8 p. Close for Armholes, 24 (28) 30 p. Platelkoj, Edge. All loops temporarily leave.

To dial on spokes for each sleeve on 40 p. and to knit between edge Platelkoj. 

After 4 cm from the initial row for the bevel sleeves for size 56 – 62 in each 10th p. On both sides to add 5 x 1 P. (for size 68 – 74 in each 8th p. On both sides to add 7 x 1 P.) for size 80 – 86 in each 8th p. on both sides Add 3 x 1 P., then in each 6th p. Add 6 x 1 p. 

After 16 (17) 18 cm from the initial row on both sides close 1 x 4 p. Remaining loops to postpone.

To take in work postponed loops (the right shelf, a sleeve, a back, a sleeve, a left shelf) and to knit a platelkoj, thus in all places of transitions from one part to another to attach markers. 

For bevy of the Reglan at each marker in each 4th p. It is underlined to reduce 3 (2) 3 x 2 p., and then in each 2nd P. It is underlined to reduce 12 (16) 17 x 2 p. 

Simultaneously through 1 SM and in 5 (5.5) 6 SM from the beginning of a yoke on the right shelf to execute on 1 aperture for buttons-the second and third loops to touch together obverse, 1 scum. 

After 8 (9) 10 cm from the beginning of the yoke to cut the neck on both sides to leave the unmade 5 p., and then in each 2nd P. On both sides to leave Unprojazazany 3 x 1 p. 

Then all loops Projazat another 1.5 sm a platelkoj, thus on the right shelf to execute 1 aperture for a button. All loops close.

The parts are slightly moistened, stretch according to the size specified on the pattern and allow to dry. Run the seams of the sleeves and sew the open area under the sleeves. 

The edges of the shelves, the bottom edge and the neckline of the neck are crocheted as follows: * 1st. b/N., 1 VP, skip approx. 0.5 cm *, from * to * constantly repeating and finish 1 soed. Column in the first art. b/N. 

All the seams are slightly steaming. Sew the buttons.

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