Knitting Baby Booties

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Boots on 4 spokes without seam

She used the yarn of Pechorka "Childish whim" in 2 threads, knitting needles number 2.5. Yarn consumption is 35 gr. The length of the sole is 9-10cm. 
We dial 40 loops, we close the circle, we knit with an elastic band 1 * 1 to a height of 7cm (24 circles). 

Next, we select the central 9 loops, we will knit them with the front ones, the rest of the loops, as before, with an elastic band 1 * 1. We send 1 circle. On each side of the central part of the booties, we make 1 loop increments on each side in each row. The added loops are knitted with an elastic band 1 * 1. 

We knit 16 circles, as a result on knitting needles 72 loops. 
Then we knit only the central 9 loops, gradually attaching the remaining (delayed) loops to them. To do this, at the end of the facial rows we knit 2 loops together face (9th and 10th loops), and at the end of the purl strings - 2 loops together with the wrong one.

To the sole of the booties had the desired form, I tied 2 times on each side 2 loops, 1 time - 3 loops together. 1st reduction - 2 loops together, 2nd reduction - 2 loops together, 3rd reduction - 3 loops together, 4th reduction - as 1st, etc. Thus, close 27 loops on each side. There will be 9 central loops and 9 delayed loops. They are stitched together by a knitted suture "loop in a loop". 

Booties are ready! Very comfortable, I knitted these to my children, now I knit as a gift

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