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Knitted set of yarn Yarn Art Baby and Alize software. It took about 60-70 grams of pink and 40 grams of white. For decoration used beads, ribbons, lace. The main patterns-gum 1 * 1 and the pattern of “stars”.
Knit asterisks pattern with needles. 

The asterisk pattern is obtained when knitting from three loops on the needle - three loops. To do this, we introduce a knitting needle into three front loops on the left needle and knit them together with the front one for the lower lobules, without removing the tied loops, do a nakid on the right knitting needle and once again knit the same three loops of the front one, then the knit loops are removed from the left knitting needle. 

The scheme of knitting pattern "stars in a staggered manner." The 

number of loops is a multiple of 6 + 2 chrome. 
1 row - * 3 facial, make 3 of 3, repeat from * 
2 and 4 rows - purl loops 
3 row - * make 3 of 3, 3 facial - repeat from * 
5 row - repeat from the 1st.

Use the star pattern for knitting jackets, jackets, vests. Especially often it is used when knitting baby kits. Such knitted children's things look especially original. 

Booties are connected by MK booties “Doggie.” 

Here is a description of the 
hat Knitted hat for a newborn with a knitting pattern of "stars", decorated with frills, crocheted, pink yarn. 

In order to tie a cap for a newborn with knitting needles you will need: 50 g of half wool white yarn, several meters of pink yarn for finishing the cap, needle No. 3, needle number 2 - 5 pcs, hook No. 3. 

We collect on the needles No. 3 55 loops and knit with an elastic band 1x1 - 6 rows. 
7 the row is knitted with purses, uniformly adding 10 loops = 65 p. From broaches
from the 8th row we start knitting with an asterisk pattern - we knit 20 rows. 

Sprocket pattern 
1 row - * 1 asterisk, 1 facial - continue to the end of the row 
2 row - purl loops 
3 row - 2 facial, * 1 sprocket, 1 facial - repeat from * to end 
4 row - purl loops 
5 row - repeat from 1 number of 

starts to form a crown cap for a newborn - go to 5 spokes №2, we begin to knit in a circle. 
Immediately after the “star” pattern, we knit one circular row in the back, evenly diminishing 5 loops = 60 loops in it. 
we knit the top of the face with a satin stitch, diminishing the loops with 10 wedges, for this, 
in the first row we knit the face every 5th from the 6th loop - 10 times
then we knit one row without a hitch (so that the wedges are more elongated) 
3 row - knit together 4 and 5 loops 
4 row - all the front 
5 row - together 3 and 4 
6 row - without a decrease 
7 row - together 2 and 3 
8 row - facial without allowances 
9 row - we loop all the loops along 2 together, the 
remaining 10 loops are tightened with a needle and sewed. 

Then, using a crochet hook, we begin to knit frills on the cap. 
In the 7th row, hats that were knitted with purl, in each loop we sew 2 bunches with 2 nacs, a thread of pink color. Then we make out the edge of the frill with a white picto thread, for this we knit * 3 st without crochet - 2 air loops - one without crochet in the same 3rd loop - repeat from * to the end of the frill.

You can make a second row of flounces on the vertex, in the row that was tied with a sprocket after the star pattern. 

Tying the laces and a hat for a newborn girl is ready.

Source : http://knitka.ru/9190/shapochka-i-pinetki-spicami.html

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