Jumpsuit with braids baby

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author's work by Sazhina Tatyana 
It is knitted from baby yarn BAMBINO from KAMTEX LLC (35% merino, 65% acrylic), 150 m / 50 g 
Knitting in 2 threads 
Sewn up raglan 

Before starting knitting, I studied a huge number of schemes and based on them I made my own. When knitting, you can use it, or rely on the size of the baby - photo 2 
- gum 1/1 
- gum 2/2 
- garter stitch 
- “complex braid” pattern - photo 3 

Start knitting from the leg. Cuffs knitted round the elastic with 1/1 small-sized knitting needles. Cuff height - 9 cm. Passed on the main pattern. Spokes # 4. Tying one leg to the desired height, put it down. The second leg fits in mirror image - photo 4
I connected the parts by adding loops according to the scheme - photo 5. I did not knit the crotch, I added loops for expansion. The additions are indicated by dots in the diagram. 

Next, knit on the pattern to the armpits. On one of the slats I made holes for buttons - photo 6 
In the lumbar region, instead of a garter, I put an elastic band 2/2 between braids - photo 7 
Sleeves. Cuffs knitted with smaller knitting needles with a 1/1 round elastic. The main canvas - handkerchief. Reaching the required height, she set the loop of undercuts on markers and began to knit raglan. Subtractions in each front row - photo 8. Both sleeves are knitted in the same way.

Divided the loops of the main canvas into parts - shelf, back, shelf. It should be borne in mind that the "braid" tightens the canvas. Put on the markers loop for undercuts. Each part knitted separately, making a decrease in the facial rows. 
Assembly of parts. We combine all the details on the same needles according to the scheme - shelf, sleeve, back, sleeve, shelf. In the first row, she made reductions for the neckline at the level of the sleeves and the back. Sewed some more. 
Hood. Added loops for expansion, according to the scheme. I knit it straight with garter stitch to the desired height — photo 9. The hinges are closed using the middle part — Photo 10 

Sewing raglan, undercuts. Completed the seams on the sleeves and legs. Hid all the "tails" of yarn. Sewed buttons. She made a bomboshechki and attached to the hood. WTO according to the recommendations on the label from the yarn.

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