Cap for Baby Girl Free Pattern

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Size: for 2 years 
you will need: 
Coco yarn (100% cotton, 240 m / 50 g) -50 g lilac, the remains of white flowers, 
hook number 1.5. 

Type the chain from the air. etc., close it in the ring + 3 air. etc. for lifting, tie into the ring 14 st. c / n and then knit according to the scheme. Additions should be made in even numbers up to the 1 st row (rows from item b / n). From the 17th to the 29th rows, knit without adding. From the 30th row, knit 7 rows of art. w / n white thread. Last 6 rows of knit lilac thread.
To decorate the cap, tie the bow which consists of 2 parts. For the 1st part, type a white string with a chain of 70 air. etc., close the ring + 1 air. etc. for lifting and knit 10 rows of st. b / n. For the 2nd dial the chain of 19 air. and knit 9 rows of art. b / n. Drag the first part in the middle of the second part. The ends of the second part are sewn from the wrong side,

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