Helmet for 1-2 years old

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OG 46-48 from lanagattosupersoft into 2 threads with needles 3.5, 4.5, flow rate -4 of a skein: 3 + 1. The density of handkerchief and smoothing in 1cm × 1.9p. Abbreviations: p-loop, pp-loop, r-rows, M-marker 

On the needles 3.5 dial 74p (tight), close into a circle, knit an elastic band 1 × 1 
Remove 5p to pin. The rest of the pp knit on knitting needles 4.5 handkerchief viscous, uniformly adding 8p in the 1st row. In the next row of bows, tie the crossed faces. Total 77p. Handkerchief knit knit 9.5cm Divide the 
PP into 3 parts (29-19-29) 
Make reductions for smooth rounding in 1, 5, 8 row knitting 2n together: 1n part media and 1p side part. Total 71p 
Handkerch st knit knit 12.5 cm from the gum. 
Side 26 p divide into 2 parts 13-13. Next, we knit only the middle part (19p) in rotary rows, 1n the last middle part we knit together with the extreme loop of the side part (2 together the face). Knit with cuts to the marker (13 cuts). Next, we reduce to: * 1 triple decrease (3p together: 2p middle part and 1p side part), 3 double increments *. Repeat * _ * 2 more times. To knit all the reductions, on the needles 19p 

Along the gum from the inside out with the needles with 4.5 knobs for the arms from the loops of the first row of handkerchiefs, dial 77p. We knit by th smooth surface 12.5cm. Nursing knit in the upper layer. For a smooth rounding, we make decreases in 1, 3, 5p. 
We knit the last row of reductions with a thread of the upper layer! 

Manishka We connect the 
top hat with a lining, we shear off with markers. Use 3.5 knitting needles on the side of the handkerchief knitted cap connected to the lining (25p), transfer the needles to 5p from the pin, type pp on the side of the kerchief-tying (25p) from the other side together faces: 1p top layer, 1p lining. Total 74p. Knit an elastic band 1 × 1 in a circle 8-10r.
Mark the center under the chin, distribute the PP (1n central under the chin, 9n, M1n, 16n, M1n, 19n, M1n, 16n, M1n, 9n). Knit the shirtfront with knitting needles 4.5 handkerchiefs viscous in a circle. 1p-face loops. In the faces of the rows before and after the loop M do nakid (8 knit in a row). In the inside of the row, we knit nakida cross-linked inside. We knit 7cm handkerch st. Close pp free 
Hide ends. WTO

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