Childrens crochet blouse for babies 9-12 months

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- 140 g of pink acrylic yarn, 30 g of white yarn; 
- 4 fancy wooden buttons; 
- hook number 3.5. 

Air loop (c. P.): 
Insert a hook in p., Put a thread on it and stretch it over the p. Column without nakida (Art. B / n): put the hook in the p. Chain or lower p. and pull a new n., grab the thread and knit 2 n. on the hook in one step. Double crochet (Art. C / n): put a crochet on a hook, enter it into a chain and pull out a new p., 3 p. On a hook, knit it in pairs in 2 steps. 
Relief column with double crochet, obverse (relief. Art. S / n, persons.): Knit art. s / n, enclosing art. s / n lower p. with faces. hand on the outside. 
Pico: knit 3 in. n., enter the hook into the first c. p. and knit art. b / n
Fantasy pattern: according to the scheme 1. 
Finishing: according to the scheme 2. 
Knitting density: 10 cm = 19 p. 
Job description 
Back and shelves: knit as one piece. 
Thread pink color dial a chain of 115 in. p. and knit with a pattern according to scheme 1. At a height of 23 cm with a thread of a contrasting color, trace the details in the following way: 27 p. for each shelf, 4 p. for each armhole and 53 n. for the backrest. Continue knitting 27 p. Right shelf. 
At a height of 30 cm from the beginning of knitting close for neckline in each river. 6p., 2p. and 1 p. = 18p. At a total height of 37 cm finish knitting . 
Left shelf knit symmetrically. Continue knitting 53 p. Back and finish knitting at a total height of 37 cm. 
Sleeves: pink thread to dial a chain of 36 in. p., tie 4 p. Art. b / n and evenly add in the last r. 7 p. = 43 p. Continue knitting with a pattern according to the scheme 1, adding on both sides in each 4th p. 5 times 1 p. = 53 p. 
At a total height of 22 cm, finish knitting . 
Hood: thread of pink color dial a chain of 75 in. p. and knit pattern in scheme 1. At a total height of 19 cm finish knitting . 
Assembly: seam and sew the sleeves in the armholes. Fold the hood in half, sew one side and sew it to the neckline. 
To tie up the bottom edge, shelves, hood and sleeves with a thread of white color according to the pattern 2.
Sew buttons on the left shelf: the first is about 2 cm from the bottom edge, the second is at the height of the neckline, the rest are evenly distributed. As the loop to use the holes in the pattern. 
Thread the pink color to tie a chain out to. 1 m long. The second chain of the same length to make a thread of white. Thread the chains along the neckline as a cord. 
Moisten the finished product and allow it to dry.

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