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I propose to knit booties for babies, newborns who are very simple in execution - even a beginning knitter can handle it. 

For knitting, we need children's yarn 30 g, I knit from the yarn Pekhor Textile LLC Russia (PEKHORKA) - “Children's novelty”, 100% acrylic, needles No. 3, hook No. 2, a needle for sewing and scissors. 
Execution time - 3 hours, most of the time spent on the harness hook . 

So, first we knit the sole of the bootie: 
for this we type 29 loops on the spokes No. 3 (hereinafter referred to as paragraph) we 

knit rows 1 and 2 with face loops. 

3 row:, 1plc, 1n., 12pl.tits, 1n., 1pl.t., 1n., 12pl.t., 1n., 1pl.t., 

4 row and all the even rows knit facial loops. 

5 row:, 2pl., 1n., 12pl.t., 1n., 3pl.t., 1n., 12pl.t., 1n., 2pl.t., 

7th row:, 3pl.t., 1n., 12p.t.t., 1n., 5p.t.t., 1n., 12p.t.t., 1n., 3p.t. 

9th row:,, 1n., 12pl.t.t., 1n., 7pl.t.t., 1n., 12pl.t.t. 

11 row:
1p., 5p. Persons. 1n., 12p. Persons, 1n., 9p. Persons, 1n., 12p. Persons. 

It turned out only 49 loops on the needle. 

Sole booties ready. Dela knit "toe" booties. 

13 row: 
15 p., 3p., 1p., 3p., 1, p., 3p., 1p., 3p., 1, p. out., 15 p., 

14 series: 
15, p., 3 p., 1 pp., 3 p., 1 p., 3 p., 1 p. 1piz., 3pl.ts., 15pl.ts., 

15 16 rows knit, like 13 and 14 rows (repeat). 

17 row: 
15pl., 2p. together ex., 1p. of life., 1p., 2p. together of int., 1p. of life., 1p. of person., 2p. ......, 1p.izn, 1p.lits, 2n with PHI, 1p.izn, 15p.lits, 

18 number:
15 pp., 2 pp., 1 pp., 2 pp., 1 pp., 2 pp., 1 pp., 2 pp., 1 pp., 2 p. 15p., 

19 and 20 rows knit, as 17 and 18 rows (repeat). 

21 row: 
15pl., 2p. together ex., 1p., 2p. together ex, 1p., 2p. together ex., 1p., 2p. together ex., 1p., 2p. together of ex., 15p., 

22 series: 
15p., 1p., 1p., 1p., 1p., 1p. Persons., 1piz., 1plits., 1piz., 1plits., 15plits. 

The needle got 39 loops - the "toe" booties knitted. 

23 row: 1n., 2n. together individuals. and so on until the end of the series, the last 1. 

24 row: knit all the loops face.

Thus, we knit the holes for a hollow cord, which will be threaded into them, will be tied into a bow and hold the bootie on the baby's foot (and the decor, and fixation). 

Next, I knitted a simple elastic band cuffs booties with a lapel (elastic: 2plits., 2pizniz). 
But here you can knit differently, each needlewoman has her own imagination, do you agree? 

I crocheted the cuff using a simple edge trimming technique, and I also tied the sole, as it were, selected it. 
But you can not do this. The basis of knitting booties is, and in the capital you can experiment. 

Smooth you loops.


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