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The following types of yarn are suitable:
Alize FOREVER, 100% microfiber acrylic, 50 g, 300 m
Alize MISS, 100% mercerized cotton, 280 m, 50 g
Openwork Pecherka, 100% mercerized cotton, 50 g, 280 m
Hook No. 1
Buttons 0.5-0.7 mm
Cardboard or plastic for the sole
n is a loop;
vn - the air loop;
pr - increase;
уб - reduction;
sbn - a column without a crochet;
pss - half-shell with crochet;
ssn - a column with a crochet;
ss - connection column;
P - rotation of the work;
() * N - the combination in brackets is repeated N times;
KA is an amigurumi ring.

Sole (4 pcs)
We dial a chain of 16 in, begin to knit from the 2nd loop from the hook.
1. 9сбн, 2пссн, 2пссн in In, 1 ссн, 2ссн in In, 3сн in In, (on the other side
chains) 2сн in In, 1сн, 2пссн in In, 2пссн, 8сбн, пр, сс in the 1st row;
2. In the ascent, pr, 15sbn, 3pr, 15sbn, 2pr, ss in the 1st row;
3. In the rise, 1sbn, pr, 16sbn, pr, (1sbn, pr) * 2, 16 cbn, pr, 1sbn, pr, cc in
4. In the ascent, 2sbn, pr, 17sbn, pr, (2cbn, pr) * 2, 17sbn, pr, 2cb, pr, cs in
5. (only for the upper part of the sole) tie it with "step by step".
Heel (2 pcs)
We dial a chain of 5 in, begin to knit from the 2nd loop from the hook.
1. 3сбн, 3 сбн в In, (on the other side of the chain) 3сбн, П;
2. In the ascent, 3bn, 3pr, 3sbn, P;
3. In the rise, 4 sb, pr, (1sbn, pr) * 2, 3sbn, P;
4. Lifting, 4bn, pr, (2cb, pr) * 2, 4cb;
Without turning the work of tying: in the ascent, 7sbn, to make the inner
edge of the heel neat.

1. 4сбн in spacecraft, П; 2. Lifting height, 4 pr, P; 3. 2vp lift, 1 pseudo, 6pr from pss, 1pssn, P; 4. 2vp rise, 1pssn, (pr from psns, psns) * 6, 1pssn, P; 5. 2inc rise, (2pssn, pr) * 6, 2pssn, P; 6. in the rise, 9sbn, ub, 4 sb, ub, 9sbn; not turning the work of tying: in lifting, 16 sb, complete the design "Step by step".

We sew the nose to the insole: we find the central loop in the bow insole (I have a loop next to the "central" increment), we count from it 13 points, and from this point we begin to sew the nose to the insole between 4 and 5 rows insoles

Heel: Count from the beginning of the nose 6 n and knit between 4 and 5 rows of insole chain cc from 14 p, you will get a small pigtail (in the figure white). We cut the thread and we hide on the wrong side of the insole.

We attach the thread to the first loop of the resulting pigtail and knit on the next scheme: 1-5. in the rise, 14sbn, P; 6. in the ascent, 3sbn, 8sssn, 3sbn, P; 7. 3сбн, (уб, сбн) * 2, уб, 3сбн.

Strap: We dial a chain of 25in, we begin to knit with 3rd and from the hook. 1. 3pss, in, to skip the In, 19ps. Assembly: 1. Sew a heel to the sole. 2. Sew together the sole and insole in any way, between them you need lay an insole of cardboard or plastic. You can not solder a sole cut out shoe prevention and paste. 3. We sew the strap, buttons, ornaments.

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