Crochet Skirt Free Pattern

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Skirt for girls crochet. Difficulty level: 3 (out of 5).

Size: for 4 years.

You will need:

Materials: Yarn of white color-100 g, pink yarn-30 g.

Tools: Hook № 2.

Knitting technique: motifs, canvas.

Knitting density: Free.

Knitting patterns


Knit elements

The first row is knit chain, according to the circumference of the girl's thighs. Then close a row, mark with a marker or a thread of other color edge and continue to knit columns with a scale in a circle.

After the width of the product reaches 8-10 cm, we turn to the execution of the mesh.


The Setochka is knitted by columns with a scale through one loop of the previous row.

It is executed the same length, as well as the yoke which has been used by us earlier.


First we tie down the bottom part of the ruffles according to the scheme. And then, in layers, we have the middle and upper tier on it. For a belt additional 4 loops are brought.


The belt is knitted from pink threads. We collect 10 loops and knit columns with a scale of the necessary length. On the edge of the hem and tie the cords for tying. The same tie is done on the other side of the belt. You can finish the tie with a brush or a flower.

Assembly and finishing of the product

Put the belt in the skirts of the skirt. Our elegant skirt is ready. It is possible if you want to sew a roach of the same tone.

Source : https://vk.com/vyazunchik_35?w=wall-52496006_1307

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