Crochet Blouse for Kids

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Blouse for girls

Size 68-74 (80-86)
For its manufacture we will need: white yarn (cotton 100%, 120m/50g)-about 200 grams; Spokes Circular № 2, 5-3, 0; Hook № 3.
Pattern: We perform according to the "scheme". Attention! The middle of the sleeve is indicated on this "scheme".

The hem is a 10-row knit.
Purls ranks – we perform pi.
1-4 the rows are the obverse surface.
5r: 1lп, * Two loops together face, 1 scale * *, repeat from * to * *.
6r-10r: Front surface.
Observe density: two Raport
24p = 11 cm Width
33 R = 10 cm height.
Assembly: Gently sew the shoulder and side seams. The sleeves are rolled. Fold in half the fringe with the teeth on the sleeve and the inside. We dial on circular spokes: on the front edge of the left Shelf 34 (42) loops, on the bottom edge of the backrest and shelves 144 (154) loops and on the front edge of the right shelf, respectively, 34 (42) loops. Thus, we get 212 (238) loops respectively. We perform the Fringe with the teeth – 10 rows. After that we close loops, fold in half and Prishivayem inside. Next, we collect 74 loops on the cut of the neck, and knit the Fringe with the teeth-10 rows. Fold in half and tie the fringe.
We carry out two ties: we make a hook for each tie chain of the air loops length of about 25 cm, we perform one row of St. b/N. Then fasten the ties to the blouse.

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