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TOP OF THE DRESS: Dial loops, multiples of 4m

1p: facial


2p: and all the even rows knit facial .


3p: 3 loops we knit together the faces. (Thread the right knitting needle through 3 

loops, but do not remove it from the knitting needle, do a nakid and push it through again

3 loops.

You got from 3 loops 3, 1l, etc.


5p: displacement: 2l, * of 3x-3, 1 l, from * repeat


Repeat from 3rd row


SKIRT: the number of loops should be 

divisible by 10

1p: 9l, 1iz

2p: 7l, 3nights

3p: 5l, 5niz

4r: 3l, 7niz

5p: 1l.9niz

6r: 3l, 7niz

7p: 5l.5



Repeat from 2nd row

CHAINS ON SLEEVES: The pattern looks good on stocking knitting 

(smooth surface)

Knit weakly.

1 p.: 1 p. Remove (thread before work), 1 w. etc.

2 p.: (Izn. Side) that loop, which was removed to knit the front, and the one that knit with it. take off (now the thread behind the work)

Due to these filmed loops, a chain is formed.


The distance between the chains can be adjusted by yourself.


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