Baby Booties Crochet Free Pattern

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description: Booties are very comfortable and suitable for both boys and girls. And fit in one breath! Even an aspiring knitter will cope with them without much difficulty. So. we take the strings of medium thickness and knitting needles No. 2.5-3. We collect 15 loops and knit 13 cm garter stitch. Close the loop. Along one of the long sides of the resulting rectangle we raise 30 loops. We knit 10 rows of garter stitch (if the booties are tied with strings, we knit 1 row with “holes” in these rows - 2 together with the front one, 1 nakid). Then we postpone the first and last 10 loops on the auxiliary needle. In the middle 10 we fasten the thread and knit 10 rows of garter stitch. We cut the thread.

Next, we knit 10 deferred first loops, raise 7 loops along one side of the lift, average 10 loops, then again 7 loops along the other side of the lift and the last 10 loops. You should have 44 loops. 
We knit the next row with facial ones, adding 10 central loops in 1 loop on each side — a total of 46 loops. 
Knit another 10 rows of garter stitch. 
Now we knotted the foot. 
We knit 3 facial loops, 3 facial, 11 facial, 3 together, 6 facial, 3 together, 11 facial, 3 together, 3 facial. The next row of knit just facial. 
Then a row in this way - 2 faces, 3 together, 9 faces, 3 together, 4 faces. 3 together, 9 facial, 3 together, 2 facial. Then a row of facial loops.
Next row: 1 front, 3 together, 7 front, 3 together, 2 front, 3 together, 7 front, 3 together, 1 front. 
Then we knit 2 more rows with face loops without declines. 
Booties sew, on the cuffs the seam to execute from the front. 
Shoes are suitable for babies from birth to 3 months

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