Yellow Baby Blanket For Newborns Free Pattern

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SIZE 50–56 
Yarn (55% wool, 33% acrylic, 12% Kashmir wool; 125 m / 50 g) - 350 g yellow; Knitting needles number 3; short circular needles number 3; stocking needles number 3 and 4; hook number 3; 2 buttons and elastic tape. 
PERSONAL SMOOTH Facial rows - facial hinges, purl rows - purl loops. When knitting in circular rows, all the loops are knitted with facial ones. GRAIN BACKING Facial rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops. When knitting in circular rows, all the loops are knitted in purses. TIE VYAZKA IN CIRCULAR ROWS Knit alternately 1 circular row - front loops, 1 circular row - purl loops. TRIMMER
Knit alternately 4 circular rows of facial satin, 4 circular rows of purl satin. 
Knit according to the scheme. On it are given odd rows / circular rows. In even rows / circular rows, all the loops are knit according to the pattern. 
From the 1st to the 22nd loop, tie 1 time, constantly repeat the 1st–42nd rows. 
KNITTING DENSITY 22 p. X 28 p. / Circle. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a ribbed pattern. 
Up to the hood sleeping bag knit in circular rows. 
On the spokes dial 144 p., Close into the ring, mark the beginning of a circular row and knit garter stitch.
After 2 cm from the initial row, perform 1 row with holes as follows: * 2 p. Knit together purl, 1 nakid, 4 faces. *, From * to * repeat 23 more times (= 24 holes). 
Now distribute the loops as follows: 122 p. Of a ribbed pattern, 22 p. Of the "Kosa" pattern. 
After 60 cm from the garter weave, divide the work in the middle of the "braid" and continue to knit in rows in the forward and reverse directions. 
On both sides dial 1 p. (= Edge) and knit the hood according to the sequence of patterns. 
82 cm from the garter stitch, sew a “loop to loop” stitch between each other. 
Crochet the edge of the hood with 1 circular row of st. b / n and 1 roundabout of the "crawfish step" (art. b / n to carry out from left to right).
To make a string, execute a chain of ce. 70 cm long and on both sides to tie it with 1 side by side. b / n 
Thread through the row with holes.

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