Baby Booties

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On the 1st master class we knit the sole (1-3 points) 
1. This is the outline of the sole the most successful of those that I met. Only the last row we knit to the middle of the heel and we do not 

break the thread 2. We knit the purl series with the columns without the crochet, for this we insert the hook under the pigtail 

3. The ready sole is steamed 

4. We mark the center of the sock and from it to the right we count 10 loops, put the mark. 

5. Begin knitting from the center of the heel of SBN knit to the mark, 20 SSN, and RLS to the end of the row. 

6. CCS the whole series. 

7. We will apply the RLS to the mark, 10 times for 2 SSNs together, RLS to the end of the series.

8.Tap the RLS to the mark, 5 times in 2 SNRs together, 1 RLS, the chain of 20 VP for the jumper, from the hook to skip 7 VP and knit the RN jumper, RLS to the end of the row on the other side of the chain. Cut the end of the thread into the thread. On the second boot boot, connect the jumper from the other side. 

9. Tie the entire shoe in the finishing color with a brisk step on the top and along the edge of the sole. Tie and sew a flower. 

Booties is ready.


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