Soft home boots for girls (Crochet)

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You can please a little fashionista and tie her with soft home boots that will warm her legs cool in spring or autumn. As a sole we use insoles made of felted wool, such insoles are inexpensive and affordable, as they can be purchased at a shoe store. We took insole length 21 centimeters.

In order to prepare the insole for knitting, they must be sewn with a stitching suture. Suitable for this task are nylon threads, silk or nylon, it is important that they are resistant to friction. Buy them can be in the hardware store or fishing-hunting. Needle with large eyelet.

For knitting we have yarn PEHORKA Children's novelty, (100% high-capacity acrylic, 50 grams, 200 meters long thread) color white and light violet. Hook No. 1.7. 
Crochet sole


Insoles from the middle of the heel begin to be sheathed with a stitched seam, we must try to make the stitches 
lie evenly and at the same distance from each other, about 5 mm. 
Since such threads are very slippery and are used to self-untangle nodules, we recommend using matches or lighters to melt the cut end to the nodule. 
Stitches turned out 110. 

1 row. Under the stitch of the thread is nylon, we will hook and pull out from under it a working thread. 
We shall make an air loop (VP) in the formed loop. 
We'll put it under the next one and also pull out the working thread. 
And now we will connect a column without a crochet (RLS). 
So we knit the series until the end of the RLS. 
2 - 4 row. 110 sc.

5 row. Make a two-color series, add a white thread and knit two through two bars. And, in order to avoid stretching threads, they can be tied in a row. Thread, which is not involved in the process at the moment, is placed along the row, the hook is started from below, the working thread is caught. 
Then the thread is made over the string and which is sewn, and the thread remains inside the column. 
When the color changes in the drawing, the threads change as well. As a result, both the front and the back part look equally neat.

6 row. In this row we knit too the number of loops and also two in two, but with a displacement of 2 bars. 
7 row. Pick up a chain of 2 air loops (VP) with a violet thread. Do 1 RLS, skipping the loop, then 1 VP, again 1 RLS through the loop and 1 VP, so the entire row. 
8 row. 3 runways (air lifting loops), and start in those holes that turned out in the previous row, make a fancy post (PS).

To link the PS you need to make a crochet on the hook. 
Pull the noose into the hole, make another cape. 
Repeat this procedure three times, such pairs (loop-cape) on the hook should be three, one more nakid. 
This wrap is stretched through all the hinges and nakidy that at this moment on the hook. It remains to construct the entire structure with an air loop. 
Now go to the next column. Lush columns adorn the whole edge of the "boat" of our future boot. 
The top detail of the boot

1 row. 10 VP, 1 runway. Violet color of the thread. 
2 row. 10 + 1 = 11 RLS, 1 runway. In the last column we'll tie two.

3 row. 11 + 1 = 12 RLS, 1 runway. At the last we sew two.

4 row. 12 + 1 = 13 RLS, 1 runway. At the last we sew two.

5 row. 13 + 1 = 14 RLS, 1 runway. At the last we sew two.

6 row. 14 + 1 = 15 RLS, 1 runway. At the last we sew two.

7 row. 15 + 1 = 16 sc, 1 runway. At the last we sew two. 
8 row. 16 + 1 = 17 RLS, 1 runway.

9 row. 17 + 1 = 18 sc, 1 runway.

10 row. 18 + 1 = 19 sc, 1 runway.

11 row. 19 + 1 = 20 RLS, 1 runway.

12 row. 20 RLS, 1 runway. We include a white thread. We knit 2 through 2 in the 
13th row. 20 RLS, 1 runway. White thread.

14 row. 20 RLS, 1 runway. Fialkova thread make 2 runways, through the column, do 1 RLS, then 1 VP, again through column 1 RLS, so to the end. 
15 row. White thread 3 runways, 10 PS.

16 row. 20 RLS, 1 runway. Violet color. 
17 - 21 rows. We knit as a 16 row.

22 - 31 rows. We knit as 12 - 21 rows.

32 - 41 rows. Repeat 12 - 21 rows.

42 - 51 rows. Repeat 12 - 21 rows.

52 - 55 rows. Repeat 12 - 15 rows.

56 - 59 rows. 20 RLS, 1 runway. Violet color.

With a white thread we, with the help of RLS, will tie the entire perimeter of the top piece of the boot. 
We match the nose of the upper part and the nozzle of the boat and tie each other to 48 RLS. 
1 row. 62 RLS, 1 runway. We also tie the back part, only with a thread of violet color, after reaching the edge we turn. 
2 row. 62 - 2 = 60 RLS, 1 runway. Repeat the series, without reaching the edge of the 2 columns, just turn.

3 row. 60 - 2 = 58 RLS, 1 runway. Just not reaching the edge of the 2 posts.

4 row. 58 - 1 = 57 RLS, 1 runway. Do not reach 1 bar.

5 row. 57 - 1 = 56 RLS, 1 runway. Do not reach 1 bar.

6 row. 56 - 1 = 55 СБН, 1 runway. Do not reach 1 bar.

7 row. 55 - 1 = 54 RLS, 1 runway. Do not reach 1 bar.

8 row. 1 VP, 1 RLS, 1 VP, 1 RTS. (stabs without a cape we sew passing one lower column). 
9 row. 3 runway white thread knit 27 PS.

10 row. 4 runways, 1 SSN, 1 VP, 1 SSN, so to the end of the series. 
11 - 21 rows. We knit the grid as in the 10 m row. 
We let the white thread inside the boot, from the outside we make the finishing of the mesh, tie it with a pigtail. 
22 row. The same string is done on the top of a series of 27 PS.

23 - 27 rows. Violet strands knit SCN. 
We tie all the mesh part of the boot with the white thread of the RLS, tie the shin and the upper part with each other with the white thread on the inner side of the leg. 
The place of joint of the parts from the outside is not stitched, there remains a smell, there will be a clasp, therefore, it is necessary to tie up the row of the RLS, the 1st row of the SPS, the 1st RLS row on the side of the rear part. 
Clasp crochet - buttonhook

Let's start with a button. Let's make a ring from the thread and get 6 RLS. For the end of the thread, we 
tighten the ring .

1 row. 6 RLS. White thread. 
2 row. 6 + 6 = 12 sc. We make two RLSs in all the columns. 
3 row. 12 + 6 = 18 sc. Two in one we make through a column. We change the white thread to a violet color. 
4 row. 18 + 6 = 24 sc. In two columns we will add.

5 - 6 rows. 24 sc.

7 row. 24 - 6 = 18 sc. We pass every third column.

8 row. 18 - 6 = 12 sc. We pass every second column. 
Fill a little sintepon roller in a circle, sewing one violet contour to another. 
Cut the thread, leaving the end of this length to sew the button into place. 
We make four such buttons, we sew on the outer side of the shin the boot, two for each boot. On the opposite side of the fastener with a white thread make 2 rows of RLS, leaving a free loop of 18 cpi, opposite each button. 
Making boots for the girl finished, you can start fitting.

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