Knitting For Kid Cap Scarf

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I want to please you with a new lesson on knitting cap-kerchiefs. 
Children's cap-scarf is knitted with knitting needles from cotton yarn with a pattern with leaves. 
Ties and the outer edge of the cap are crocheted. The crochet also has a decor. 
As an ornament, I sewed these wonderful ladybugs, they are made of polymer clay, by hand.
We will knit a cape in a pattern. By the same pattern, you can also tie a cap of "Pinocchio". The difference between the cap-head and the cap of "Pinocchio" is that we sew the cap on the back of the head with a short seam and leave a free edge that looks like a scarf. A cap "Buratino" we sewed not only on the back of the head, but also completely cone and would receive a cap resembling a cap of Pinocchio.

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