Crochet Kids Hat

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Threads "Snowflake", the hook is very small, so I knitted a long time for the hat. 
The hat itself was knitted in sticks without a crochet, like a classic round cap on these recommendations, only a flat circle made up to a diameter of 10 cm.

At the edge of the fields, the arches were made from air loops and tied them with columns without a crochet, tying beads. In my case, the number of arches is a multiple of 3, because beads of 3 colors.

Maki knitted in two schemes: the middle and the number of petals on the first, and the petal on the second.

Scheme for a leaflet

Only the edge I tied with a brisk step in place of posts b.n. with pico.

Scheme for small flowers

This we walk our hat

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