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Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46

Data for size 40/42 is given in brackets, for size 44/46 - after brackets.

If only one value is specified, it applies to all sizes.

You will need:

• 900 (1000) 1100 g of Montego-type Montego yarn from Fb29 chestnut color (60% pure wool, 40% polyacryl, 110 m / 100 g);

• straight needles number 7;

• circular needles number 7;

• hook number 6;

• 4 buttons with a diameter of 30 mm.

Facial smoothness: persons. ranks - individuals. hinges, rows - from. loops.

Pattern for slats: any number of loops.

1st p. (= izn. r.): persons. hinges;

2nd - 4th b.: Persons. smooth surface

Repeat from the 1st to the 4th p., Finish the 1st row.

Double decrease: remove 2 p. Together as individuals., 1 persons. to pull it through the hinges

The density of knitting on average: 12 p. And 18 p. = 10 x 10 cm


The back is 6.5 cm longer than before.


Dial 74 (78) 82 p. And knit 7 cm = 13 p. For the slat. pattern for slats.

Next, continue to individuals. satin stitch.

Mark with marker 2 medium loops and after 3.5 cm = 6 p. from the strap to reduce trail. In the following way: perform 1 nakida and 1 double decrease in front of the marked middle loops, and 1 double decrease and 1 nakid = decrease in 2 loops = 72 (76) 80 p. 

These reductions should be repeated 7 more times in each 6th p. = 58 (62) 66 p.

For armhole sleeves through 32 cm = 58 p. (30 cm = 54 p.) 28 cm = 50 p. from the rail on both sides close 4 (5) 6 p. = 50 (52) 54 p.

For raglan bevel in footprint. 2nd p. on both sides, subtract 1 p. trace. way: at the beginning of a row 1 chrome. p., 1 person. p., 1 double decrease, 1 nakid, at the end of a row 1 nakid, 1 double decrease, 1 persons. Clause, 1 chrome. P.

These additions should be repeated 10 (11) 12 х in each 4th p.

Through 56.5 cm = 102 p. from both sides of the strap close both chrome. n. and the remaining 26 n. postpone.

Left shelf:

Dial 31 (33) 35 points and knit 7 cm = 13 p. pattern for slats.

Then continue to the next. distribution: chrome. p. 23 (25) 27 p. smoothing, 6 p. patterns for slats, chrome. P.

Through 25.5 cm = 46 p. (23.5 cm = 42 p.) 21.5 cm = 38 p. from the plank from the right working edge, to reduce for the armhole of the sleeve and raglan bevel, as on the back.

At the same time for the neckline through 46.5 cm = 84 p. 8 p. and in each of the 2nd p. from the plank from the left working edge. defer 2 x 3 p. 

After 50 cm = 90 p. from the strip to close the remaining 2 p.

Right shelf:

Run symmetrically with three button holes.

To do this, on the reverse side of the work in a row with external. to knit stitches together with 2 stitches between 2 edges of the scarves' knit and 3rd st. cross., 1 nakid, trace. knit both stitches together izn., 1 izn. n and chrome P.

In the next individuals. R. from nakida to bind 1 persons. n. and 1 persons. cross 

To make the upper hole for the button below the neckline between the 3rd and 4th edges of the garter, the subsequent openings for the buttons should be done with an interval of 4 edges of the garter down.


Dial 35 (37) 39 p. And knit 7 cm = 13 p. pattern for slats.

Next, continue to individuals. satin stitch.

At the same time, for the bevel of the sleeve from the strip on both sides, add 6 x in each 10-m p. (7 x in each 8th p.) 2 x in each 8th and 6 x in each 8th p. 1 p. smoothing = 47 (51) 55 p. 

Through 35.5 cm = 64 p. (33.5 cm = 60 p.) 31.5 cm = 56 p. from the strap on both sides, to reduce the armhole for the arm and raglan bevel, as on the back = 17 p.

At the same time to reduce the shoulder after 48 cm = 86 p. from the bar on the middle 3 points. Perform 1 double decrease and repeat 3 more times in each 4th p.

After 60 cm = 108 p. from both sides of the strap close both chrome. n. and the remaining 7 n. postpon


For a stand-up collar, lay the hinges of the right shelf, right sleeve, back, left sleeve, and left shelf on circular needles = 68 p.

Knit pattern for the strap, while in the 2nd p. (= persons. p.) 5 x every 10th and 11th paragraph. to knit together the persons. = 63 p.

Between the 2nd and 3rd edge of the scarves, make the 4th hole for the button, as described for the right shelf.

After the 4th edge of the scarves knitting collar (= 7 cm = 13 p. Of the collar height), close the stand-up collar with 1 facial row with face loops.

Run raglan seams.

Run side seams and sleeve seams.

Crochet the front edges with 1 row of connecting stitch.

Sew buttons.

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