Spring Long Vest Free Pattern

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In this long vest at the same time knitting a shelf and half of a backrest so that the connecting seam settles down in the middle of a back.


36/38 (40/42) 44/46

You will need

Yarn (100% cotton, 165 m/50 g)-550 (550) 600 g of yellow-green color; Straight Spokes № 6, Hook № 5 and 7.

Openwork pattern

Number of P. multiple 12 + 11 + 2 chrome. P.

Knit by scheme. Distribute the p. by instruction. Constantly repeating p. 1-4.

Density of knitting
17.5 p. x 22 P. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with openwork pattern spokes № 6.


Work execution
Left shelf and left part of backrest

Knit to the armholes with one cloth. To do this, dial 85 (109) 133 p. and knit 1 p. purl, then distribute loops for the openwork pattern trail. Way: Start with 2 p. Before the 1st arrow, 6 (8) 10 times to perform the Raport on 12 p., Finish 11 p. After the 2nd arrow.

Mark side seam = Average p.

After 20 cm (= 45 r.), from the inlaid edge in each lane of the IZN. Gladi from Z p. Reduce by 1 p., for this to bind 2 p. together. = 79 (101) 123 p.

Even after 20 cm (= 44 r.) from the last Ubavka in the same strips to reduce again to 1 p. = 73 (93) 113 p.

For armholes to close at height of 60 sm (= 133 р.) Average 3 p. = on 35 (45) 55 p. On before and a back and first to finish the right side (= a backrest).

For armholes from the inner edge close in each 2nd P. 2 times 1 P. = 33 (43) 53 p. At height of the armhole 30 cm (= 66 R.) Close the loops.

Before you finish symmetrically.

Right shelf and right part of backrest

Knit symmetrically.


3a seam to execute, linking 1 p. St. b/N. Crochet № 5.

Perform shoulder seams, but on the back leave the Middle 2 (3) 4 Raport open, prisothe slightly loops of the shelves in the shoulders.

To tie two chains of the VP length of 30 cm double thread crochet № 7. Sew the ties to the edges of the shelves at an altitude of 60 cm from the inlaid edge.

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