Knitting Long Jacket Free Pattern

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Knitting Long Jacket Size: 36/38 (40/42 in) 44/46 
You will need: 450 (500) 550 g 
Apricot Yarn Brioletto (600/0 
Merino wool, 40% polyester- 120 W50 g); Spokes N9 6. 
Persons. Surface: Persons. P.-Persons. P., N. P.-N. P. 
Knitting density: 13 p. and 21 P. = 10 X 10 cm. 
Backrest: Dial 70 (76) 82 p. and knit 
The After 15 cm = 32 R. From Inlaid the edge of the On both sides of the 2 p. and in each 
10th p. 3х 2 p. For this in persons. R. Bring Chrome. + 19 Touch 2 p. Together LCH, 2 persons., 2 
P. Together persons., then knit to 26 p. From the end of the p., then 2 
P. Together persons., 2 LCH, Projazit 2 
P. Persons together. and finish 19 persons, + 
Chrome. = 54 (60) 66 p. through 54.5 cm = 114 R. From inlaid edge Close for From both sides 2 p. and in each 2nd R. z x L. = 44 (50) 56 p. Through 73 cm: 154 R. (74 cm 156 R.) 76 cm = 160 R. From Inlaid Edge close 
For neck cut average 18 p. 
And both sides to finish separately. 
For rounding, close the inner 
The edge in the next 2nd p. 1 x 3 
P. through 75 cm = 158 R. (76 cm = 160 
R.) 78 cm = 164 R. From Inlaid Edge 
Close the remaining 10 (13) 16 p. 
Shoulder on each side. 
Left Shelf: Dial 12 (15) 18 p. and 
Knit faces. Smooth, for rounding 
Additionally dial from inlaid 
Edge on the left side in each 2nd 
R, 2х6, 2x4, 2х Z, 2x2 and 2x1 p, 
-44 (47) 50 p. through 15 cm = 32 R. 
From the inlaid edge to reduce the 
1 p., for this to be 
21 and 22 p. Persons together. = 43 (46 in) 
49 p. For wavy edge of shelves 
To perform 5 year each of 24 p.). 
For the 1st year to tie through 19 cm 
40 p. From inlaid edge on all pet- 
First 1 persons. P., the next 
IPMs. P. Projazat 4 p., turn from 1 
Scale, knit back, turn, 
To the rotary scale, the pro- 
To knit the rotary 
N. and Touch 1 
N "Turn with 1 scum, knit 
Back, rotate, repeat from • still 
D times, Finish 1 H. P. on all Pet- 
The Last Rotary 
The following p. 
Together Attention! This and every 
Next year calculated 2 p. s 
Right side. On the pattern of the year 
Not accounted for. link on all Loops 
22 p. Persons. With the same smoothness, in the 1st P. 
Perform 1 decrease for the 
As described above and repeat the 
It one more time in the next 10th p. 
= 41 (44) 47 p. Then run the 2nd 
And next 3 year with interval 
In 22 p. Persons. Surface. Simultaneously 
Through 54.5 cm = 114 R. From inlaid 
Edge = measured on the right side, 
i.e. after the last P. 4th 
Year to execute on the right side 
As on the backrest = 36 (39) 42 p. 
Close the backrest height 10 (13) 16 
P. Shoulder. On the remaining 26 p. link 
For the rear collar-Schalke still 
10.5 cm 22 p. Persons. Smoothness and all 
Loops close faces. 
Right shelf: knit symmetrically, 
In this case, the 
Up to the last 20 p. 
Start 1st year through 19 cm 240 R. 
From the inlaid edge in the next person. 
P. and swivel scale to tie 
With the next p. Persons together. As 
Only the number of loops in the year will reach 
24 p., turn with 1 scum and knit 
Back to the next person. P. projazat 
Swivel with the next p. 
Together persons. and finish the row at all 
Loops, Next P. also still 
Refers to the year. 
Sleeves: Dial 30 (34 in) 38 p. and knit 
Persons. Surface. After 10.5 cm = 22 p. from 
Inlaid edge to add to bevel 
Sleeves on both sides 1 p. and in each 
14th p. 5х1 p. (46) 50 p, Nerez 
46.5 cm = 98 R. From Inlaid Edge 
Close to the sleeve of the sleeves on both 
Sides 2 p, and in each 2nd p. 13 x 
1 and 1 x Z p. through 61 cm = 128 p. from 
Inlaid edges close remaining 
6 (10) 14 p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. 
Run the back seam of the collar- 
Shawl and sew the collar to the cut 
Neck. Then, turn off the heap 
Nick on the back of the middle half 
Inside, sew in the middle by 2 cm, 
So that when you wear it lightly 
Twisted in the cut zone. In lining 
Sleeves, perform side seams and 
Seams of sleeves. 

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