Crochet Green Vest Free Pattern

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Sizes: 36-40, 42-48 
You will need a green Samea Yarn (72% cotton. Viscose, 89, flax, ' 05 м50 g): Sleep- 4 and 45 circular spokes M, 45 
Fantasy Pattern: knit by scheme 
On which the persons are listed. L. N. R 
Start with Crom. and loops before 
Repeat the loop of the Rahl 
Port, finishing loops after 
Raport and Krom. Repeat from 1st 
On the 18th p. 
Elastic Band: Alternately the PCH, 
Purl Surface: R.-Izn, p., 
Persons. P. 
Density of knitting. Fantasy 
Pattern: 24 p. and 28 R. 10x 10 cm; IPMs. 
Surface: 19 p. and 30 p, 10 cm. 
Backrest: NG Spokes MP 4.5 dial 
103/123 the P. and Knit Fancy 
Pattern. After 45/41 cm from the suitebut 
The edge close to the armholes on both 
sides in each 2nd p, 1 x 3.1, 2 and 
5x 1 G. Nerez 16/20 Smop 
The beginning of the armholes to add to both 
sides in each 2nd p, 5x 1 and x 2 
P. = 97.317 n, through P, ' 24 cm from the 
The armholes all the loops to postpone, 
Left shelf: Dial 123/143 p. and 
Knit. As a backrest. Perform 
The right side of the 
Back 120/140 p. 
Right kidney: knit symmetrical But. 
Collar: The circular spokes are 
To keep the deferred loops Pџavoj 
Kidneys. The backrest and left shelf. When 
This in the 1st p. Between the kidneys L 
Back dial 3 N, 343/403 p. 
Then knit a fancy pattern, 
After 25 cm from the beginning of the collar all 
Loops close. 
Sleeves • On the Spokes 4 dial 4462 
(1. And tie 2 cm elastic band. 
Jump on knitting needles 4.5 and knit 

IPMs. Surface. Adding for the bevel 
Sleeves in every 12th p. on both 
Sides of the DKH: 32, ' 70p. After 46 cm 
From the inlaid edge to close the 
The sleeves on both sides in each 
2nd R. 1 x 3, 1x2 and 5х1 G. Then in 
Each 4th p. 3 x P. and in each 
2nd R. 7х1. 1 x 2 and 1x3 p. via 
15l6 cm from the beginning of the sleeve 
To cover the remaining loops, 
Assembly: Perform side seams; 
The sleeves and carry out the seams 

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