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you will need: 700 (750, 800) grams of olive yarn, consisting of 100% cotton; 110 yards in length in 50 grams and 100 (150, 150) grams of purple and brown yarn, consisting of 70% cotton, 30% polyamide; thread length 90 meters in 50 grams; Knitting needles number 7 and 10; circular needles number 7. 
Pullover size: 38-40 (42, 44-46). 

Attention! Knit double olive thread. 

Pattern 1: pattern of removed loops (even number of loops) = knit according to the scheme. On it are given facial and purl rows. Between the edge constantly repeat rapport and 1-4th rows. 

For patterns A and C, pay attention to the color coding. The following patterns AC knit pattern 1. 

Pattern A: the main color is purple, the decorative color is olive double thread.

Pattern B: primary and decorative colors - olive double thread. 

Pattern C: primary color is brown, decorative color is olive double thread. 

The sequence of patterns A (without edge): 

1-64th rows: 36 (38, 40) loops pattern A, 36 (38, 40) loops pattern B; 65-128th rows: 36 (38, 40) loops, pattern B, 36 (38, 40) loops, pattern C; 129-186th rows: 28 (30, 32) loops pattern A, 28 (30, 32) loops pattern B. 

Sequence of patterns B: 
1st-64th rows: pattern A; 65-120th rows: pattern B; 121-172th rows: pattern C. 

Pullover knitting density: 15 loops for 30 rows corresponds to 10 by 10 cm. 

Pullover knitting description mosaic 

Purple thread on the needles number 7 dial 74 (78, 82) loops and tie 1 purl row of facial. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations. 

Then knit on the spokes number 10 between the edge according to the sequence of patterns A. 

After 42 cm or 126 rows (40.5 cm or 122 rows, 39 cm or 118 rows) from the initial row, close for armholes on both sides 1 time for 8 loops = 58 (62, 66) loops. 

After 62 cm or 186 rows from the initial row, close all the loops, while the middle 34 loops form a neck, the outer 12 (14, 16) loops - the shoulders. 

The front part The 
front part is knit like a back, but for the neckline, after 54 cm or 162 rows from the initial row, close the middle 10 loops and finish both sides separately.

For rounding on the inner edge, close each 2nd row 1 time 4 loops, 1 time 2 loops and 6 times 1 loop. 
At the height of the back close the remaining 12 (14, 16) shoulder loops. 

Pullover mosaic, diagrams. Violet thread to dial on the needles number 7 for each sleeve 38 (42, 46) loops and tie 1 purl row of facial. Then knit on the needles No. 10 according to the sequence of patterns B. 

At the same time, add for a bevel the sleeves on both sides in each 14th row from the initial row 11 times, 1 loop across the pattern = 60 (64, 68) loops. 

Through 575 cm or 172 rows from the initial row close all loops. 

Run shoulder seams. For a twisted double neckline olive thread, dial on the circular knitting needles along the edge of the neck 87 loops and tie 8 circular rows of facial. 

Then freely close all the loops, as facial. Sew sleeves, complete side seams and sleeve seams. At the end of all the seams slightly otparit.

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