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uch sneakers can be knitted as booties, only on a knitted sole, and you can knit a finished sole from old sneakers, stitch and wear for walks. It all depends on your desire. In any case, they look so cute that I want to start work immediately.
Level of difficulty: 4 (5). 
Size: 25. 
You will need: 
Materials: 30 grams of yellow-green, blue and white yarn, 100% cotton, 450 m / 100 grams. 
Tools: hook number 2. 
Knitting technique: single crochets, circular knitting. 
Knitting density: free. 
Knit items 
According to the scheme we knit two parts of the sole with a yarn of yellow-green color. Then we change the color to white, knit two rows of STBN without additives, to form a side. Change the color of the yarn again, this time to the blue one. We outline the center of the spout and in each circular row we begin to cut the loops for the toe in this way: from the center we count 10 loops = 21 loops of the spout. Schedule extreme loops. In the first circular row - we cut the first and the last two loops of the spout, as well as the central loop. 
We perform all the following abbreviations through a row: we cut every sixth loop, every fourth and every second. In after the fifth row, change the color to white, tie three rows. We cut the thread, attach to the fifteenth loop from the center and knit the heel with two rows in straight and reverse rows, finish the work. 
Assembly and finishing products 
For the tongue, we collect 15 loops, we knit 30 rows for STBN. We hem tongues on the inside of the sneakers. We tie the upper edge of the blue one with one row STBN blue yarn. Yellow-green yarn knit tails on the heel on the central five loops of the heel STBN five rows. 
We add a yellow-green yarn to the third loop from the center of the sock and knit two rows of STBN. In the third row on the edges we cut two loops. Sew on socks with the same thread. From the blue yarn we knit two chains of 120 VP each, tie knots at the ends and lace up the sneakers.

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