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Linking several variants of front for pullover: openwork, colorful, bright children's jacquard-your baby will be in the update every day!

The blouse without front is knitted by one cloth. Knit, starting from the backrest (for convenience). The front motive to knit on the scheme plus a circle to tie the pattern of rice (sides of the 4 loops, the top and bottom of the 5-6 series) and to Knit holes for buttons (pink blouse-description from Silich Anastasia)

---everything I found on this blouse:---

👧nabirajut number of loops for knitting the backrest. Approximately 50 loops. Knit 5 rows of Platelkoj (all rows of facial). After on the height to the armholes face viscous (alternating range of purl, a number of facial loops). Tying to a armhole, we add loops for a sleeve from two parties by air loops about 25 loops. To make a kind of a slag it is necessary first and last 6 loops to knit * 1 purl, 1 obverse *. 
After tying about 15 or 20 rows (half the width of the sleeve), close the central loops on the size of the neck. 17 or 20 loops. Before closing the central loops and + 10 loops (turn out 27 or 30 central loops) Projazat 5 rows of a binding. For the neck edging. 
After closing we continue to knit the width of the second half of the sleeve. Separate knitting. Close the hinges on both sides, designed for the sleeve. Continue to knit the remaining loops on the height of the backrest. Shelves, where the edge continues to knit by paying knitting. . On shelves fasten buttons, carry out lateral seams. 
The central inserts are separately knit. On the number of loops equal to the neck (17 or 20 loops) + 10 loops on which will be loops. Knit any pattern without forgetting the two sides of the five loops for eyelets. To the height of the throat or below, as your heart pleases. 

👦 Rice: 
• 1 row: Alternately 1 front, 1 purl on the specified number of loops.. 
• Range 2: Knit over the facial loops of the purls, over the purl facial. 

Set of 36 (39, 45) loops. 
• 1-5 series: Knitting rice. 
• Row 6: P Increment 5 (6, 6) loops evenly across the range = 41 (45, 51) n. 
1 inch-2, 54 cm 
• Row 7: Facial. Knit the facial smoothness to a height of 6 (7, 9) inches from the edge. 
For sleeves dial from each edge 24 (28, 32) Loops = 89 (101, 115) p. 
• Distribution of the picture: the first 3 loops and the last 3 loops-rice, the rest is the front surface. 
Knit to a height of 9 (11, 13) inches from the edge. 
• Further on 29 (35, 42) Medium loops knit rice (neck) 6 rows in height. 
• For the neck close the middle 17 loops and knit the two sides separately. 
At a height from the edge of 14 (17, 19) inches leave 24 (28, 32) loop sleeves and knit only 12 (14, 17) loop straps. The second side of the knit is similar to the first. 
For front panel with cascade of leaves 
• Dial 24 loops. 
• 1-6 series of rice. At the same time in the 3 row for the loop knitting: 1l, 1i, 1 scum, 2 p. Together; Mirrored at the end of the series. 
7 Series Distribute the figure: 4 loops-rice, 16 loops pattern "leaves", 4 loops-Fig. 
Further loops for buttons to tie out every 12 (15, 14) rows. 
• At a height of 6 (7 1/2, 9) inches from the edge of the knit full 6 rows of rice. 
Next, close all loops. 
• Sew the side and seams of the sleeves. 
• Align the front panel to the sweater. Sew the buttons.

Source : https://vk.com/club80847474?w=wall-80847474_1304%2Fall

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