Little Red Riding Hood

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Want to tie a hat for your little princess? If you know how to knit front and back, you own a little crochet, then this MK for YOU There is nothing complicated.

1. Count the number of loops. 

To do this, you need to link the sample. We collect 33 loops and knit a "French" rubber band:

1st row - 2 facial, 2 purl, etc. At the end of the series 1 is purl;

2nd row - 2 facial, 2 purl, etc. At the end of the series 1 is purl;

3rd row - we repeat the pattern from the first row.

Rows of 10 will be enough to understand the density of knitting. So, the sample is in front of us, now we measure the child's head from the temple to the temple (I got 36 cm).

We measure the length of the sample (my sample is 14 cm in length). We recall the school program of mathematics and calculate the required number of loops:

Number of loops = Girth of head from temple to temple * 16.5 / sample length.

According to my measurements, the number of loops = 36 * 16.5 / 14 = 42 loops.

But there must be an odd number in the picture, so we change it to the big side, we get 43 loops.

Very IMPORTANT : If, when knitting with your number of loops, the series ends not with one wrong, as in the sample, but with one face loop, then the next even number should start with two purlins)

2. Now the most pleasant begins)). Just knit the pattern with a straight canvas (like a scarf).

We measure the centimeter tape in the child from one middle of the neck to the other, so we will understand how much we need to knit our "scarf".

Here's what I got from my measurements:

3. Fold in half and stitch it neatly on one side. Try not to break the integrity of the picture on the reverse side.

It turns out such a triangular cap:

4. On the lower edge in the neck region, we collect the loops with knitting needles:

And we knit 20 rows of facial smoothness.

5.  Now put the needles aside and take the hook. We begin to tie the edge that surrounds the face. We knit two rows (back and forth) with columns without a crochet (I tried to pull together a little, so that the wind would not walk beneath it and the ears were well covered)). The third row is knitted according to the scheme:

6. It   remained to finish the last stroke of the caps. Fold the bottom of the "facial smoothness" and sew, in order to then pass there the braid for pulling the cap in the neck (neatly pulling on the loop):

7. We knit the braid: we recruit 150 air loops and we tie it on both sides in staggered order, according to the same scheme as the edge of the cap:

We are selling the braid.

8.   We knit a flower-cap ornament and sew.

I wish all creative success and good mood =))

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