Brooch Kiwi Crochet Free Pattern

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I give you a mini MK for knitting a very stylish brooch Kiwi! 

I used Coco Vita cotton 50g / 240m white, green, light green and brown yarn. 


KA - Amigurumi 
VP ring - air loop of the 
SCN - column without nakida 
PR - increase (2 SCN in one loop) 
UB - decrease (2 SCN knit together) 
SS - connecting bar 
(… ..) * n - repeat, that in brackets n times 
(...) is the total number of loops in a row 

Description of knitting 

Front part of 
Qiwi We knit the first row with white yarn: 

1 row. 6 sbn in CA 
Change the color of the thread to green: 
2 row. (Pr) * 6 (12) 
Change the color of the thread to light green: 
3 row. (1 sat, pr) * 6 (18)
4 row. (pr) * 2, (4 sbn, pr) * 2, 6 sbn (22) 
5 row. (1 sbn, pr) * 2, 5 sbn, (ave, 1 sbn) * 2, ave., 5 sbn, ave, 2 sbn (28) 
Change the color of the thread to brown: 
row 6. (1 sbn, pr) * 2, 4 sbn, pr, 4 sbn, (pr, 1 sbn) * 3, pr, 4 sbn, pr, 3 sbn (36) 

Now we need to link the back of the kiwi. We knit it in the same pattern, only completely brown. 

We join two parts together, knitting a row in a circle with connecting posts behind the inner walls of the loops. Lightly stuffed in the process. We finish by completely closing the hole. 


Thin white threads from the center embroider "rays". We embroider the “grains” of our kiwi with beads. Sew on the back fastener. Brooch is ready!


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