Crochet Stroller Tutorial

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Pink stroller
1 You will need:
thread "Mulino" (in several
additions) of pink color, the remains
white yarn, hook number 2,
Lower part: dial 25 air. crochet
in the circle of the chain of Art. c / n 4 rows, adding
at corners of 7 tbsp. Next, knit with a pattern
"Shells": 5th row - * art. 6 / n, skip 3
paragraph of the previous series, 7 art. b / n in the next
loop, skip 3 steps. previous row *,
repeat * - *. 6th row - Art. w / n for the rear
wall and. 7th row - knit, like the 5th row, but in
staggered order. The 8th row is like the 6th row.
Spray from the 5th to the 8th row again.
Top: on the six rapports of the previous
series in the middle part of the work continue
knit with a pattern of "shell", decreasing
knitted toys
in the center in each 4-th row for 1 rapport
pattern. Tie the top with the following
way: 1st row - 5 air. p., 1 tbsp. b / n *, repeat * - *.
2-nd row - get in touch with 5 tbsp. b / n in
each arch of the previous row.
Wheels: dial 3 air. etc., close the ring.
1st row - tie in the center of the ring 8 st. b / n.
Then knit in a circle. 2nd row - knit art.
b / n, evenly adding 8 tbsp. 3rd row - * 1
Art. s / n, 2 air. n. *, repeat * - *. 4th row -
between the columns of the previous row, knit
3 tbsp. with / n. 5-th row - polust. Link 4 of these
wheels, sew them to the stroller.


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