Fishnet Crochet Shorts Pattern

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 2 days
Materials: Hook № 2, 100% cotton

I welcome you to my second master class.

Today I'll show you how easy it is to tie these fishnet shorts. They are ideal for beach walks.

On the internet there is so little variety among knitted shorts that I have invented my modelka and I will share it with you.


Knit chain is so long as needed for a full circular girth hips. We will knit in a circular...

The first two rows are regular bars with a scale. By the way I almost forgot, I knitted lily in two threads, so that the product was more durable and patterns were larger.

When the two rows are ready, go to the next two, knit them according to this pattern:

Five columns with two capes in one loop, then skip four loops and in the fifth again knit columns... And so on...

The fourth row knitting also columns with two capes, but we do it so that all columns had one basis.

3rd row.

4th row.

When the shells are proyazany, again return to the columns of the scale, and knit their next three rows.

So, our belt is ready, then will go patterns related circles, semi-circles, stripes, all that you can fantasize. In order to make openwork binding does not need anything clever, even the scheme is not needed, just knitting as prompt you subconscious... See for yourself how beautiful you will succeed.

Put your bridle in a circle until they are closed.

About this result awaits you.

Next most probably the hardest, leveling edges.

For leveling use columns of different heights, combine the usual pillars with columns with one, two and three of the scale and do not forget about the air loops.... Slowly, you will start to straighten your shorts in a circle.

Once the product is aligned, break business to divide it into the left and right leg. For this purpose in the center we have several rows of bars with a scale or two scale.

I knitted 11 bars in each row, I got 5 rows.

Then we attach our ledge to the opposite side of the product. We will get almost ready shorts... Lacks only the last row...

The last row is knit just like the third, five columns with two scale, every 4 loops. But knit now on the circumference of each leg.. That is, there will already be two laps instead of one..))

You can finish it, the shorts are ready. And it is possible to make them on ties, for this purpose we return to the first row and we get the basis for our lace, alternate columns with a scale and two air loops. Then knit the chain and put in holes..))

That's all.

Hope my Master class you liked, waiting for your feedback..)) All thanks..)))

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